Step Up Your Fall Accessories Game with These Irresistible Jewelry Designs

"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower."
— Albert Camus

Indeed, as the leaves curl up and turn orange, nature reveals yet another side of its beauty. As the seasons pass, they show us the power of transformation. Time to be that change and let your inner grace bloom. Upgrade your fashion accessories, starting with seasonal jewelry. Jewelili is here with some splendid gemstone and diamond jewelry designs inspired by fall. Take a look to pick your favorites.

Accessories by Month

September Says "Sapphire"

Sapphire is the ideal gemstone for September. The blue gem reflects the crystal-clear evening sky, and can add a celestial glow to your look. We have captured just this in our white gold blue sapphire and white diamond hoop earrings. Let them swing and dazzle as you walk in style. Complete your look with our sterling silver Ceylon sapphire and diamond bracelet. It mimics the alternating pattern of blue and white gems in the hoops for a delightful contrast.

Opalescent October

Behold the white dahlias and delicate colchicums that enhance the charm of fall. Imagine adorning yourself with such a floral touch. Opals are the gemstone for October, featuring an inner iridescence you'd marvel at. So, bejewel yourself in our sterling silver opal and diamond cocktail ring and dangle earrings. They'll make you stand out at the next party and inspire you to make a statement in white.

November is for Citrine

Citrine is apt for fall not only because it's the November gem, but also because it captures the essence of the season in its yellowish-orange glow. If you have a fun theme party on your bucket list, adorn yourself in the Enchanted Disney Belle rose tiara ring and earrings in diamonds and citrine. It will make you look as elegant as the Disney princess from Beauty and the Beast. You can even wear the sparklers a day before November begins, at a Halloween party!

By Autumn Colors

Yellowish Green

This is the first color in which nature bathes itself to welcome fall. Embrace this hue with our sterling silver peridot ring, earrings, and pendant necklace with diamonds and white sapphires. The yellowish-green peridot will emit a brilliant glow and strike a contrast with the white gems. The set is just perfect for brunch or any morning event.


Nature soon transitions from yellow to bright orange to embrace the true spirit of fall. This is when you can look your best in our rose gold over sterling silver white and orange cognac diamond dangle earrings. The diamond jewelry is ideal for a twilight date when the gems will capture the golden sunset to illuminate your special moments.


As you approach the end of fall, the leaves turn brown and prepare to make room for new foliage. You can showcase this phase of the season through your choice of jewelry. Wear our rose gold over sterling silver double heart champagne diamond pendant necklace and stud earrings. Then snap your fingers into a Korean heart and strike a pose with that glass of champagne. The diamond jewelry set will definitely make you look Insta-worthy.

By Fall Theme

The Last Leaf

These three words remind us of O. Henry, as well as the last days of fall. This is the time to wear the most iconic jewelry design of the season. If you wish to glow in gold, try our yellow gold diamond leaf ring, or get ready to welcome winter with our sterling silver diamond leaf bracelet and earrings. They're reminiscent of the snow-covered winter foliage.

Feeling spoilt for choice already? Not so soon! Explore our myriad other wonderful jewelry designs online in diamonds and gemstones to choose something spectacular for this season. Enjoy our free shipping, competitive prices, attractive discounts, and 30-day easy returns on every order. Feel free to shop not only for yourself but also for your near and dear ones. Happy shopping!

Some More Sparkle

Can I shop for fall diamond/gemstone jewelry for women only?

Not at all! You can also check out our stunning jewelry collection for men and choose something based on your special man's preferences.

Which gemstones are suitable for morning and evening parties in the fall?

Bright-colored gemstones like peridot, opal, citrine, and white diamonds are ideal for morning events. Vividly colored stones like cognac diamonds and blue sapphires are recommended for evening parties.

How can my special someone and I twin with fall fashion jewelry?

Choose unisex diamond jewelry for women and men. Some examples are solitaires for minimalism, and Star Wars unisex jewelry for a thematic/fun look.