5 Ways to Celebrate Independence Day in 2022 and Beyond

So, what have you got planned for the Fourth of July weekend? Don’t let the pandemic get you down. You can still celebrate the start of the American Dream and showcase your patriotism to the fullest. This major midsummer holiday has evolved over the years. Of course, the firework displays and the feeling of patriotism have not changed.

It’s time again for some celebration, but keeping the pandemic in mind. So, here are a few ways you can make this holiday a memorable one.

1. Family Adventure at Orlando

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Orlando offers a wide range of activities that you can enjoy with your significant other, family, and friends. There is something for every age group right here. The Walt Disney World Resort is hosting its very own “Happily Ever After,” in 2021. which is being held in Magic Kingdom Park. It promises to be an excitement-filled experience. Lake Eola Park in Downtown Orlando is also hosting fireworks at the Fountain on July 4. So, book your tickets and make sure to dress your best, flaunting your diamond star ring or elephant necklace to stand out among the crowd.

2. A Quiet Evening

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Eagerly awaiting Fourth of July for some patriotism, nostalgia, and alone time? Make this weekend a quiet one. Staying home with your special someone . Get red wine and take out, and watch movies that you both love. Any genre will work, as long as both of you enjoy it. If you are interested in thrillers, Zero Dark Thirty could be your pick for the evening, which dramatizes Osama Bin Laden’s hunt. If you are planning a quiet stay-in evening with your significant other, The American President could be another fitting movie, offering you both patriotism and love at once. Don’t forget to dress for a romantic evening. Complete your look with a dove necklace that showcases love and peace.

3. A Weekend Getaway

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How about taking a break from the usual and planning a short but well-deserved getaway? To experience an ultimate getaway, you might consider going to Tennessee’s very own Smoky Mountains. This place gives you the ultimate southern heart and soul. Try the winning cuisine that will give you memorable gastronomic experiences, washed down with handcrafted whiskey. A breathtaking view of the blackberry farms at this prime location serves as the perfect backdrop. For one evening, swapping out the city lights for open skies can be an amazing idea. Get into the spirit of nature and love for the divine with an exquisite cross necklace.

4. Plan a Game Night

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July 4 could be the perfect time for a get-together with the family and spend some quality time. Plan an entire day of togetherness. Take out your Uno cards, bring out your board games, add a lot of popcorn and happiness to it. This could be a great way to rebuild bonds and revive childhood memories. Some light competition, endless talk, and a lot of laughs. This bonding time with family can go a long way to lower stress during the pandemic. To make the day even more memorable for your little daughter, gift her some angel wings jewelry, to show her that she will always be an angel in your eyes. She will remember this wonderful day with the family forever.

5. A Backyard Barbeque

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What could be more American than having friends over for a barbeque? Dressing up, experimenting with meats on hot coals, lots of beer, and laughter. Keep the party going so that you get to witness the fireworks together and make it one of the most memorable days for everyone. Be sure to flaunt your diamond star ring, which is so versatile that it can be matched with almost any type of outfit. Add a dash of lipstick and you’re ready to greet your guests.

Whatever you plan to do for this Independence Day, be sure it is safe and memorable. If you’re worried about COVID-19, you could even plan something small with the family at home and simply go for a long walk in the evening to witness the fireworks. Remember, you can always create your own family traditions. And, don’t forget to showcase your patriotic spirit too with your attire and accessories. After all, what could say God Bless America better than a cross necklace or reflect the stars and stripes like a diamond star necklace?