Summer 2022's Hottest Jewelry Trends

Summer always brings new fashion trends to the fore. This is prominent in the summer runways and galas. This year's fashion events revealed an experimental approach to styling oneself and featured gems, beads, links, cuffs, and more. Are you ready to shine bright and look hot this summer? Here are the top summer jewelry trends of 2022 that you must check out.

Gemstone Bracelets

Try something fun this summer. Buy gemstone jewelry online, such as bracelets featuring birthstones of the summer months. For instance, pearl is the June birthstone. So, sport our sterling silver black pearl fashion bracelet lined with white sapphire with a floral summer dress. If you want to go colorful, consider the July birthstone, ruby. You can wear our rose gold ruby adjustable fashion bracelet with a pink silk dress. If you like the color green, choose the August birthstone, peridot. Our sterling silver peridot fashion bracelet with diamond accents would look lovely with a neon green short dress. You need not be born in any of these months to wear these gemstone jewelry pieces given their rich meaningful addition to the.


You can buy jewelry featuring beads online and layer them for a casual street-style look. For instance, you can layer our sterling silver smokey quartz bead necklace with our sterling silver garnet bead necklace. You can wear them with a plain tee or a multicolored outfit, and you will look equally stylish.


Cuffs were popular at this year's summer runways. Their tight clasp can offset the loose fit of summer outfits perfectly. For instance, you can wear our sterling silver cuff bangle in white topaz and clear crystal with a loose sleeveless rayon top. The cuff bangle is a good alternative to other types of fashion bracelets.

Statement Necklaces

The summer runways also showed the various ways in which statement necklaces can be styled. For instance, you can wear our sterling silver cross pendant necklace with black and white diamond accents with a black leather jacket or grey blazer. You will look stunning either way. Men, too, can buy statement jewelry online, such as necklaces. For instance, men can pair our sterling silver diamond chequered dog tag pendant necklace with a jet-black tee and ripped jeans. The necklace can also be worn with semi-formal attire.

Link Bracelets

Link bracelets also drew the spotlight on the summer runways this year. They look classy, sophisticated, and great for making a statement. Both men and women can wear link bracelets. For instance, men can wear our sterling silver diamond link fashion bracelet with outfits of any color. Women can pick link bracelets in a special design. An example is our sterling silver diamond infinity link fashion bracelet that women can pair with a long, elegant dress.


Hoop earrings can be of various kinds, such as typical hoops, J-hoops, and huggies. They all look equally fashionable. You can wear our sterling silver diamond inside-out hoops with a shimmery bodycon dress. Ideal for a summer cocktail party look! You can pair our sterling silver diamond crossover J-hoops with a halter-neck dress to mimic the style of the earrings. These hoops, as their name implies, have a sleek J shape. You can sport our yellow gold diamond huggies earrings with an outfit of any color. These earrings are simply hinged hoops that hug your earlobes.

We bet you’re looking forward to add these trendy pieces to your jewelry collection to upgrade your summer style. When you buy jewelry online for women and men at Jewelili, you can shop for the trendiest pieces in various designs. We keep adding new pieces to our collection to enrich it with the latest trends. We not only take care of your style but also of your shopping preferences. Here, you can buy jewelry online at the most competitive prices, with additional discounts. You also get free shipping and easy 30-day returns. So, without any further ado, start shopping now!

Some More Sparkle

How do I know what jewelry is currently in fashion?

You can always browse the options listed in the article or you can check out the Fashion section under every type of jewelry listed on the Jewelili website.

What shapes are often worn during summers?

Bees, flowers, dragonflies, and bows are some common shapes you will come across in summer jewelry options.