5 Celestial Jewelry You Will Love if You Love the Sun, Moon, and Stars

When things around us are uncertain and stressful, one thing remains constant – the moon, stars, and constellation. Gazing up at the starlit night sky can be a great way to de-stress. Even better, jewelry designs inspired by these celestial bodies can be a great way to remind yourself that you are part of a much larger whole. In fact, the popularity of celestial jewelry has soared in recent times. During a raging pandemic, these designs fill us with a sense of magic, joy, and a larger purpose.

So, if you’re looking for such diamond jewelry online, look no further than Jewelili. Here are 5 diamond celestial jewelry pieces for women and men to evoke your inner charisma.

1. Moon and Star Pendant Necklace

The moon influences various feelings and aspects of our life. Someone who is drawn to the moon is usually an emotional, loving, and caring person, with a creative spark. Time to wear that sparkle in the form of a celestial diamond jewelry piece, such as the yellow gold diamond pendant necklace carved into the moon and a star.

Glow at your best by wearing this celestial necklace. Pair it with matching earrings to complete your magical look.

2. "Wish" Star Pendant Necklace

Remember how we would make a wish each time we spotted a shooting star in our childhood? Bring back that sense of magic into your life with a celestial jewelry design that captures this emotion and inspires you to work towards fulfilling your wishes. Choose the sterling silver diamond star pendant necklace with the word "WISH" engraved in black enamel.

The pendant looks like a dog tag pendant and has a simple appeal. However, the word "WISH" written in bold makes the necklace extra special. Since this celestial necklace is minimalistic, you can even wear it every day. Made in a neutral sterling silver, it can pair well with outfits of any color.

3. Sun Pendant Necklace

People who are attracted to the sun are energetic, full of life, and have vibrant personalities. They glow, no matter what the occasion, and exude warmth, and protective energy. Are you one such person? Then you can showcase your vibrant personality with a yellow gold sun diamond pendant necklace.

See the celestial jewelry piece dazzle as you walk into the sunlight. You can add to the charm of the yellow gold necklace by pairing it with outfits in warm colors. Since the pendant is small, it makes for a subtle and classy accessory.

4. Open Star Studs

Imagine wearing a twinkling star on each ear. Simply resplendent, right? For that, you need a pair of celestial earrings like the sterling silver open star diamond stud earrings. The special feature of these earrings is that a part of your ear lobe can be seen right in the center of each stud. This will help strike a contrast with the glittering diamonds adorning the stars.

Since these celestial earrings are crafted in sterling silver, they can be worn for both casual and formal occasions. When you sweep up your hair into an updo, these earrings will highlight your face.

5. Star Ring

If you love the stars, you will also love to wear a tiny galaxy on one of your beautiful fingers. Make your wish come true by choosing the sterling silver diamond ring carved into multiple stars. If you believe in the stars to show you life's path, this celestial ring is meant for you.

Pair this ring with other celestial jewelry pieces in a matching design. You can find such standalone pieces easily under the celestial jewelry collection at Jewelili.

When you shop for celestial diamond jewelry online for women at Jewelili, you can choose from a plethora of designs at a range of prices. Make your online shopping experience for diamond jewelry more satisfying with our attractive discounts, special deals, easy returns, and free shipping. Happy shopping!

Some More Sparkle

What does celestial jewelry symbolize?

Celestial jewelry is associated with various symbols based on the designs. For instance, the star stands for illumination, divinity, magic, dreams, motivation, guidance, faith, hope and excellence. The moon represents enlightenment, emotions, love and the divine feminine in spirituality. The sun depicts the lifeforce, positivity, energy, confidence and clarity.

Can I find matching celestial jewelry pieces at Jewelili?

Surely. At Jewelili, you can choose standalone celestial jewelry pieces with a common feature, like a matching design or metal. For instance, sterling silver star earrings, pendant necklace and ring are matching star jewelry pieces.