Get Your Very Own Gemstone Necklace

While gemstone necklaces come in a wide variety of designs, such as crosses, three stones, hearts, and even animal shapes, such as turtles and dolphins, even a basic solitaire gemstone necklace is versatile and exciting to own. In this style of necklace, a large gemstone can be the focal point, with smaller gemstones or diamonds surrounding it. You can also choose only diamonds for the gemstones on the necklace.

Read on to know more about why your jewelry collection deserves a gemstone necklace and so do you.

Benefits and Features of Gemstone Necklaces

When we think of gemstones, the first stone that comes to mind is diamonds. While diamonds are an absolute must-have among gemstone necklaces for women, we have more to talk about than just diamonds:

  1. Gemstones are available in a multitude of colors and hence make for the perfect accessory to match or contrast with your outfit. You could even go a little further and match your ruby red lipstick with an exquisite ruby necklace.
  2. Gemstones can also be worn for their healing properties. While the scientific community might still debate whether these properties actually do affect the wearer, various ancient cultures have used gemstones in jewelry for their health benefits. Here are three examples of what certain gemstones help in:
    • Black onyx brings positive vibes, helping people feel happier. It can also improve self-control and bring good fortune. Even if all this doesn't work, you’ll be overjoyed by the compliments you receive when you wear them for drinks with friends.
    • Blue topaz is said to have the power to attract true love. Of course, it would definitely work if your true love thinks that accessorizing with the right necklace is important. It also brings success, but there can never be any shortcuts to success.
    • Amethyst is purple in color, and while the color has long been associated with royalty, the stone itself is said to help people control their urge to have one for the road. We recommend you wear it because it looks amazing and may even stop you from drunk texting an ex! Amethyst is actually a very attractive stone that makes for very attractive gemstone necklaces.
  3. Gemstones last through generations. These necklaces are not just great for you, but gemstones are so long-lasting that you can pass them on to your children and grandchildren.
  4. They are available in a variety of metals, and the prices are also based on both the gemstone used and the metal. Let’s take a closer look in the next section.

Top 4 Trending Metals for Gemstone Necklaces

Here are the four most popular metals used for gemstone necklaces and a comparative look at all of them:

Yellow Gold Gemstone Necklace

Yellow Gold

  • This is the purest form of gold and has a very small percentage of other metals, that too added to only make the metal stronger.
  • Being the purest form of gold, it costs more than other types of gold and silver but it also has a much higher resale value.
  • However, it might not be the best choice for gemstone necklaces if the gemstone’s color does not look good on yellow gold.
White Gold Gemstone Necklace

White Gold

  • This is a gold alloy with a percentage of nickel, giving it the white color.
  • This metal is comparatively more affordable than yellow gold.
  • Also, it is stronger and can take more wear than yellow gold gemstone necklaces.
Rose Gold Gemstone Necklace

Rose Gold

  • This gold alloy has a ratio of copper giving it the unique pinkish tint.
  • For those who are simply bored of the usual metals for gemstone necklaces, rose gold can be a great alternative.
  • It is also a more affordable form of gold although it might not go well with all colors of gemstones.
Sterling Silver Gemstone Necklace

Sterling silver

  • The clear winner for some fashionistas is that sterling silver is a silver alloy that is stronger than all forms of gold.
  • Not only is it perfect for gemstone necklaces, but the metal is said to enhance the benefits of these stones.
  • Silver is also hypoallergenic, which makes it a perfect choice for people with skin issues or sensitive skin.

Gemstone necklaces are a great addition to any jewelry collection. Make sure to check out our jewelry deals, so you can get your favorite necklace at an amazing price.

Some More Sparkle

Can gemstone necklaces be worn every day?

Yes, gemstone necklaces can be worn everyday.

What metal goes best with gemstone necklaces?

White gold goes best cool tone gemstones and yellow gold is better with warm tone gemstones.