Colors play a crucial role in our lives. They represent our mood, personality, fashion taste, and more. When you have a wardrobe full of outfits of different colors, you may sometimes get confused about how to accessorize them. An easy way to find just the right jewelry for every outfit is to buy diamond jewelry online at Jewelili. You will find the widest selection of designer jewelry in gemstones, diamonds and all metals at the most competitive prices here. In the meantime, take a look at this guide to choosing the right jewelry for different colored outfits.

Tips for Pastels

Pastel shades are great for a delicate, soft, and dreamy appeal. These colors are trending now and are a great choice for summer outfits. How to choose designer jewelry that matches the pastel section of your wardrobe? Since pastels are muted but not dull, the idea is to blend in.

Do you have a pastel pink or mint green jumpsuit? Pair it with our sterling silver opal heart cross pendant necklace lined with diamonds and a pink sapphire heart in the center. The light-colored gems in this designer necklace for women will perfectly mirror your outfit's color. Similarly, you can style a pastel blue sweatshirt with a short golden with our yellow gold heart studs in aquamarine and blue cubic zirconia. These designer stud earrings are casual yet cute and great for a day look.

Tips for Neons

Neon or fluorescent colors are highly bright forms of primary and secondary colors like yellow, green, red, and blue. These colors stand out with their luminescent appeal since they almost appear to emit light. Let's see how to style neon-colored outfits with suitable designer jewelry.

For example, you choose to wear a neon green sleeveless top with off-white pants. Accessorize your look with a designer fashion bracelet for women with glowing green gems, such as our sterling silver bracelet in emerald and diamonds. Likewise, pair a neon or lemon-yellow dress with our designer jewelry set of peridot earrings, ring, and pendant lined with white sapphires.

Tips for Neutrals

Neutral colors are highly muted versions of primary colors. Although you can't find them on the color wheel, they complement primary colors and vice-versa. Knowing this can help you understand how to accessorize neutral outfits with designer jewelry. The gemstones in the jewelry pieces should be of bright primary colors to spice up the neutrals.

For instance, you pick a cream bodycon dress with a plunging neckline. Pair it with our sterling silver triple heart pendant necklace. The three hearts, one below the other, will add visual depth to the neckline. The designer necklace for women will set a vibrant contrast to the dress. Likewise, pair an all-white outfit with our sterling silver designer jewelry set of a necklace and studs in blue and white sapphire.

Tips for Multicolored Outfits

There are three ways to accessorize multicolored outfits with designer jewelry. The first and simplest way is to sport multicolored jewelry pieces to match your look. Examples are our yellow gold multicolored gemstone studs and our sterling silver multi gemstone bracelet. These designer stud earrings and fashion bracelets for women can go with any multicolor combination.

You can also wear our neutral-colored jewelry to offset your colorful outfit too. In that case, choose jewelry pieces with gems like Ethiopian opal. Also, you can wear jewelry featuring gemstones/diamonds in the dominant color of your outfit. So, if the dominant color is purple, you can wear amethyst jewelry. This will enhance the appeal of your outfit.

When you visit Jewelili to buy diamond/gemstone jewelry online for women, you can choose from myriad designs. They are available at a variety of price tags to meet every budget. Plus, you can enjoy attractive discounts to save more when you buy gemstone and diamond jewelry for women online. Besides, free shipping and easy returns are added benefits. So, start shopping now!

Some More Sparkle

On which occasions can I gift designer jewelry to my family and friends?

Any occasion! It can be someone's birthday, graduation ceremony, engagement, wedding or wedding anniversary, or even Valentine's Day, Promise Day, Mother's Day, or Father's Day. You can even gift jewelry to somebody as a "just because" gesture.

What gemstone jewelry is available?

Garnet, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Diamond, Emerald, Pearl, Ruby, Peridot, Sapphire, Opal, Citrine, and Tanzanite are the gemstones available online on Jewelili.

Does skin tone influence color palette and jewelry options?

Yes, it does. You can be one of the three main types of skin tone - cool, neutral and warm. Then there is the next step of determining your undertone. These factors will influence your color palette and as a result the jewelry you choose.