It is important to know how to accessorize a neckline to enhance its look and yours. Here, you mainly need to consider the shape (example: round) and style (example: classic) of the neckline. Then pick a pendant with a design that complements that neckline. Does that sound difficult?

Jewelili has made it easy with the ultimate guide to accessorizing different necklines with just the right gemstone/diamond pendants for women. Here's a look.

Asymmetric Neckline

This highly fashionable neckline gives you a one-shoulder look, and is meant to make a bold statement at important occasions, like official parties. Pick a single-shoulder blue long dress with one full sleeve. Pair it with our sterling silver infinity twisted pendant necklace in black, blue, and white diamonds. The twisted pendant will accentuate the slanted neckline and look elegant.


It gives the maximum exposure to your neck and allows you to experiment with different pendants. So, make sure you choose a necklace that complements your neck and collarbones. For instance, you could pair a pastel-colored off-shoulder dress with our sterling silver dove pendant necklace in opals and diamonds. The dove pendant necklace will add to the gentle feminine appeal of your outfit.


This is a good neckline for women who prefer pointy or geometric diamond/gemstone pendants. So, if you choose a V-neck top with bell sleeves, pair it with our sterling silver diamond angel wing pendant necklace. The pointed end of the angel wing pendant will enhance the depth of the V. The sleek shape and length of the pendant will highlight the slanted neckline.

Strapless Sweetheart

This is an iconic neckline, shaped like the crown of a heart with a V-shaped crevice at the center. Therefore, a narrow pendant or one with a pointed end can accentuate the depth of the neckline. Pair a strapless sweetheart cocktail dress with our rose gold over sterling silver heart white sapphire key pendant necklace. The heart-shaped key pendant will mimic the neckline, while its exquisite style will fit the festive appeal of the cocktail dress.

Queen Anne Neckline

This a regal neckline, which, as the name suggests, Queen Anne was herself fond of. It develops from a sweetheart neckline and is supported by overlapping fabric on each shoulder. Simply timeless! If you have a Queen Anne neckline tea dress, wear it with our sterling silver diamond dragonfly pendant necklace. The thin end of the dragonfly pendant will add to the neckline's depth. Both the Queen Anne neckline and diamond pendants are classic picks for women.

Spaghetti Straps

This neckline again gives a lot of exposure to your neck and shoulders. So, you can choose to wear a detailed pendant. Sport a spaghetti strap ruffled crop top with our sterling silver diamond heart lock and key charm pendant toggle necklace. The intricate lock and key pendant will complement the voluminous ruffles. The broad neckline will not overshadow the pendant, but balance the look.

Plunging Neckline

A plunging cut with a halter neck is a great combination for a bold look. Dresses with this neckline are apt for evening parties. You can pair one with our sterling silver cross pendant necklace in black and white diamonds. The sharp end of the cross will strike harmony with the plunging cut. Black diamonds will contrast with silver and white diamonds in the cross necklace for a gorgeous look.

Cowl Scoop Neckline

This neckline has a graceful and seductive appeal. It is the classic scoop cut with loose folds of fabric repeating at the neckline. Pick your favorite cowl neck silk slip dress and pair it with our sterling silver butterfly pendant necklace with a yellow gold star. The overlapping fabric of the cowl cut will mimic the wings of a butterfly. The tiny butterfly pendant in the center will add to its grace.

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Some More Sparkle

With which neckline can I wear different kinds of diamond pendants for women?

You can sport almost any kind of pendant with a basic round neckline since it is the simplest yet most versatile neckline to experiment with necklaces.

Are there any necklines with which I can't wear diamond pendants for women?

Not really. The ways of wearing pendants have evolved. Today, if you choose a high neckline, such as a boat neck, high neck, turtleneck, collars, cold shoulder, etc., you can wear the necklace over your top/shirt to add a touch of glamor.