Gold or Silver Jewelry: What's the Better Choice for You?

Both gold and silver jewelry pieces look ravishing. But jewelry aficionados are very particular about the metal they choose to wear. Some swear by gold, while others would never be seen in anything but silver jewelry. But what if you're not sure? In that case, read on to make an informed decision about why choose diamond jewelry online.

Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry can be crafted in yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold. Here’s what to keep in mind to decide whether to wear gold jewelry.

  • Your skin tone: If you have a warm skin tone, yellow gold can look flattering on you. In case you have a cool skin tone, white gold will suit you best. If your skin tone is neutral, you can look lovely in rose gold.
  • Your personality and taste: Yellow gold is the most appropriate for cynosures, since the color is vibrant. Rose gold is suitable for feminine and graceful personalities, due to the blushing hint of the metal. White gold is for minimalists and lovers of classic jewelry.
  • The occasion: Yellow and rose gold can help you bring the shine to a party night. For such events, you can sport something glamorous like our Sterling Silver With 10K Yellow and Rose Gold Diamonds Heart Ring. If the occasion is formal, it's best to stick to white gold.
  • Your budget: If you want to buy white metal jewelry, a design will cost more if crafted in white gold than silver. So, you need to set the budget higher if you choose gold. However, you can even find gold jewelry pieces on a low budget since we offer them at the most competitive prices and various discounts.

Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry is usually crafted in sterling silver and like gold, goes through a purity test. Here are the factors to consider when deciding whether to sport silver jewelry.

  • Your skin tone: Just like white gold, silver suits white skin tone the most. However, if you buy jewelry featuring warm-colored gemstones, it can suit both warm and neutral skin tones.
  • Your personality and taste: Again, like white gold, silver is ideal for those who like minimalism or wish to make an effortless fashion statement.
  • The occasion: The best thing about silver jewelry is that you can sport it at both formal and casual events. For instance, you can wear our sterling silver diamond cross pendant necklace at a cocktail party. You can wear our sterling silver diamond bolo bracelet at a formal event like a business meeting. For everyday wear, you can choose our minimalistic sterling silver diamond heart pendant necklace with a disc charm. You can wear our sterling silver heart key pendant necklace to a romantic date. To gift someone special, choose our sterling silver angel wing diamond pendant necklace would be perfect.
  • Your budget: Silver jewelry is more affordable than gold jewelry. So, if you’re on a budget, silver should be your pick.

What to Do if You Love Both Gold and Silver Jewelry?

Then the world’s your oyster! Shop for your favorite designs right here at Jewelili. You can also choose two-tone metal jewelry to get the best of both worlds. We offer numerous pieces in gold and silver combinations. For that, look for something in rose gold over sterling silver or yellow gold over sterling silver. The advantage of two-tone metal jewelry is that it suits all skin tones since the metals feature both warm and cool tones.

Besides, if you want a more layered look with multiple colors of metals, you can even opt for tri-tone metal jewelry. For an all-gold look, shop for a tri-gold jewelry piece and bring on the ultimate radiance.

At Jewelili, you can buy diamond and/or gemstone jewelry online in diverse combinations of silver and gold. Shop for them at the most competitive prices and check out our special offers, free shipping, and easy returns to get value for money.

Some More Sparkle

How to know whether to gift silver or gold jewelry to a loved one?

Simply notice your loved one's fashion preferences and whether they generally wear gold or silver jewelry. If you're still unsure, you can choose two-tone or tri-tone metal jewelry.

Can I wear a combination of gold and silver jewelry at the same time?

Yes, you can!