Your Meaningful Jewelry Guide

We all love gifts, don’t we? But what’s the point of a gift if not meaningful? They say it’s the thought that counts and that’s all that matters. Giving a gift to someone is a way of saying that you love them and they mean something to you. Or it could also represent an important moment, milestone or inside joke that you would love to have etched in time. So it’s only fair that we put some thought into the gift. We have compiled an essential meaningful jewelry guide just for times like these. So next time, skip the candle and box of chocolates and go beyond the regular to bring a smile to her face. We have delved into the meaning of meaningful jewelry so that you know what to get the next time you need to put a bow on something.

Darling Angel

It is said that angel wings symbolize love and spirituality and they do have this special way of making us feel protected, don’t you agree? A great gift option for someone who is reliable, loving, and caring, angel wing necklaces are a great way to always keep your guardian angel close. You can get our Jewelili Angel Wing Pendant Necklace accented with 1/10 Cttw Diamonds set in Sterling Silver which is a beautiful depiction of angel wings and serves as a trendy accessory.

Point me in the right direction

Symbolizing reaching one’s goals and the ability to meet one’s targets, an arrow makes for a great gift to a student or to a friend who has a strong mindset. Arrows are also meant to represent protection and keep the evil eye away. A bow and arrow symbolizes strength and power and means that you wish someone always moves forward without looking back! You can definitely gift the Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry Merida Bow and Arrow Earrings accented with 1/10 cttw diamonds set in14k Yellow Gold which not only looks adorable but is a great reminder of the Brave Princess Merida.

Beauty is in everything

It is said that the evil eye when worn brings good luck to the wearer and protects from any misfortune, so why not bling up the lucky charm and keep ill-will away for good? Just like our Jewelili Evil Eye Bolo Bracelet 1/10 Cttw accented with Blue and White Diamonds set in Sterling Silver.

The Hamsa is widely recognized for its ability to bring prosperity and ward off evil from the wearer. The literal term Hamsa stands for the number five representing the five fingers of the hand, so you can gift hamsa necklaces or hamsa bracelets to your child, spouse, or friend as a good luck wish. Get the Jewelili Hamsas Pendant Necklace accented with Natural White Diamonds set in Sterling Silver and 10K Rose Gold. These serve as great ideas when you are looking for meaningful jewelry options, you can thank us later!


A symbol of divine guidance and protection, star jewelry not only looks pretty but also makes for a great gift. Get your friend or loved one the Jewelili Star Ring accented With 1/5 Cttw Diamonds set in Sterling Silver as a token of your love and watch them shine with happiness. It’s a great way of telling someone you think they are as bright as a star in your life! Now that’s what we call meaningful jewelry. We also have other options in star jewelry like star necklaces and star bracelets.

Jewelry has the power of being something more than just an accessory as it usually carries with it emotion and even some symbolism with it. Making a great meaningful gift, jewelry usually becomes a perfect gift for your loved one and says it all without going too over the top. Besides representing the personality of the receiver, the gift can mean other things too.

Whether meaningful jewelry with an astrology sign or with their birthstone, you should give a sparkling gift straight from the heart. Choose from key jewelry, knot earrings, moon necklaces, dove necklaces, or even the infinity sign jewelry and at Jewelili you can be sure that you are getting the best deals ever!

Some More Sparkle

How do you give a meaningful gift to someone?

You can gift a meaningful gift to anyone be it your mother, sister, daughter, friend, or colleague to show that you care. These could be given on a birthday, anniversary, Graduation, Baptism or even “Just because”. You can gift knot jewelry to your fiancé to let them know of the bond between you two or get her a star pendant to show her she really is a star!

What does a sentimental gift mean?

A sentimental gift means something that makes the receiver experience a wide range of emotions as it is based on your unique relationship and experiences - rather than a formal gift which has little or no meaning to it. A sentimental gift will mean so much to the person you are giving it to as it has the power to incite emotions and warmth in them. Meaningful jewelry has become a great trend today and becomes a great way to incorporate emotion into a piece of jewelry.

What makes the most meaningful gift?

A meaningful gift can refer to an important moment, an inside joke or even represent the personality of the person. Thus, jewelry with motifs make for a meaningful gift and express so much more. You can get star jewelry for someone you want to celebrate or knot jewelry for your fiancé. You can opt for a variety of meaningful jewelry such as angel wing necklaces, arrow bracelets, dove necklaces, evil eye bracelets, key jewelry or even moon earrings.

What is the best gift for a special person?

Special people deserve a gift that means more to them than a regular wine or candle. The best gift for a special person would be meaningful jewelry that will remind them of your special bond and bring a smile to their face. Meaningful jewelry such as evil eye pendants, cross necklaces, star earrings or even arrow pendant necklaces would make great gifts.