“A maiden born when September leaves
Are rustling in September’s breeze,
A sapphire on her brow should bind
`Twill cure diseases of the mind.”

~ A Georgian birthstone poem

These ancient poems were not only used to remember the birthstones associated with each month but also the significance of those birthstones. The above excerpt depicts fall, the season of change. That could explain why the poet talks about the ability of the sapphire birthstone to calm the mind. After all, change does tend to be stressful.

If you too are born in September, it’s time to show yourself some self-love and gift yourself an exquisite sapphire birthstone jewelry piece this birthday. Sapphire is the September birthstone and is said to bestow the wearer with abundance, luck, wealth, and prosperity. It is a preserver of chastity and fidelity and instills one with the joy of fulfillment.

Benefits of Sapphire as a Birthstone

  • Clarity of Mind: It is said to remove confusion and gloominess by inducing mental balance and self-confidence. So, it could be a good birthday gift for those suffering from depression. It can also aid in meditation.
  • Health Benefits: Yellow sapphire has medicinal properties that heal kidney and skin-related ailments. It is said to aid neural and paralytic recovery as well. Other forms of sapphire are used to cure gastric diseases and maintain blood pressure.

So, this September, check out these amazing jewelry pieces from our wide collection of sapphire and diamond jewelry online. We are sure you will find just the perfect piece for yourself or a loved one.

For the Boss Lady!

Clean cuts and geometric finesse set in sterling silver are one of our most sought-after contemporary designs. Check out the R2 series women's earrings in white diamonds and blue sapphire from the Star Wars™ Fine Jewelry collection. Featuring a central rectangular blue sapphire, encased with white diamonds, these earrings are perfect for a sophisticated look. The unique setting will turn heads wherever you go.

For the One Bitten by the Travel Bug!

Gift yourself our versatile sterling silver and princess-cut sapphire birthstone ring accented with round diamonds. The 7 bright blue princess cut sapphires are set in a triad of rows with round cut diamonds creating a brilliant contrast. The design is almost reminiscent of a constellation of stars and is a great way to reflect your love for travel. Wear this ring to your birthday party to make a personal statement.

For the Self-Made One!

Want to give a modern twist (quite literally) to a classic design? Choose our unique sterling silver pendant necklace with a central teardrop-shaped blue sapphire set against an infinity-shaped twist accented with round-cut white sapphires. Pair it with a fitted blouse or an elegant off-shoulder dress to highlight the sapphire birthstone necklace to own any room you walk into.

For the Diva in You

It's time you showcase the fashionista that you are. Do so with our sterling silver bracelet with oval-shaped blue sapphire birthstones and white diamonds. The rich blue sapphires are held in place with sterling silver infinity shapes accentuated with white diamonds to create a memorable impression. This bracelet can become a timeless piece in your jewelry collection. The unique design adds depth to this popular piece from our collection.

For The Unconventional One!

Not a fan of blue? We got you covered! Gift yourself our stunning rose gold bracelet with dazzling pink sapphire birthstones. The pink sapphire in the center is shaped like the classic heart, while the rose gold chain is adjustable to sit on your wrist just right. Featuring a hinge-clip closure and a sleek design this bracelet is super easy to wear.

At Jewelili, we offer birthstone jewelry for every month of the year. So, check out our collections and gift yourself and your loved ones jewelry they will cherish for a long time to come.

Some More Sparkle

Who else can wear sapphire birthstone jewelry?

Sapphire can be worn by anyone. Although it is known as the September birthstone, sapphires are cherished for their brilliant color. They have been a favorite among royalty for centuries now. So, go ahead and gift yourself and your loved ones sapphire jewelry for any occasion.

Is sapphire jewelry durable?

Very much so! Rated 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness, sapphire birthstone comes in second only to diamond in strength and scratch resistance. It is so durable that it was gifted to kings when they led their armies into war to protect them from the enemy.