Get To Know More About Jewelili's Shop by Shape Jewelry – Part I

Jewelry is not just a great way to make a style statement, it can also be a wonderful means to express your beliefs. Jewelili understands this and offers a diverse range of jewelry shapes that carry a range of meanings. Here we talk about 8 jewelry shapes, their meaning, and why you should buy them. Want to know about the other diamond jewelry shapes? Check out Part 2!


The cross symbolizes love, peace, forgiveness, purity, restoration, and willful humility. It also portrays victory and new beginnings. Of course, celebrities have also turned this shape into a popular fashion icon.

Our cross jewelry is as versatile as its symbolism and is available for both women and men. Some of the most popular ones are:

  • Rose gold over sterling silver diamond cross heart pendant necklace for women
  • Yellow gold over sterling silver men's diamond cross dog tag pendant necklace
  • Sterling silver diamond sideways cross ring
  • Sterling silver women's diamond sideways cross bracelet

Angel Wings

Angels represent purity, innocence, strength, faith, hope, love, and protection. Therefore, angel or angel wing jewelry can be gifted to someone you consider your guardian angel or someone you wish to protect.

Our most popular angel/ angel wing gemstone jewelry pieces are:


Our dog and paw jewelry make for great gift options for animal and nature lovers. If you want to keep your four-legged buddy near your heart at all times, you could wear our diamond dog/paw jewelry too.

Here are some exquisite pieces:


Celestial jewelry is associated with various symbols, such as divinity, magic, and illumination. Therefore, celestial gemstone jewelry can send positive vibes to your loved ones and keep you motivated too.

Here are some stunning pieces:


Our family jewelry necklaces can remind you that your family always has your back. They can also be a great gift for someone whose strength and pride are their family.

Here are some of our most impressive family jewelry pieces:


Inspirational jewelry can serve as a source of motivation and help raise your spirits. We offer inspirational jewelry in various shapes, including the evil eye (thought to ward off the evil), Hamsa hand (symbolic of good luck and prosperity), anchor (stands for protection, strength, and security), and infinity (represents abundance).

Here are some of our most popular inspirational jewelry pieces:


Butterflies signify metamorphosis, change, growth, evolution, and new beginnings. If you are starting a new chapter in your life or want to wish good luck to someone else, do so with butterfly fine jewelry.

Here are some of our gorgeous butterfly jewelry pieces in diamonds and gemstones:

Go to "Shop by Design" on our navigation menu to choose from our jewelry shapes. At Jewelili, we take pride in offering the most competitive prices and attractive discounts, free shipping, and easy returns on all orders for the most satisfying shopping experiences.

Some More Sparkle

On which occasions can I wear these jewelry shapes?

You can wear inspirational and family jewelry every day. Jewelry shapes like dogs, angel wings, and celestial can be worn with casual outfits. Other jewelry shapes like the cross, heart, and butterfly are ideal for parties or festive occasions.

Do different shapes signify different things?

Yes, different shapes hold different significances. For example, a butterfly will signify new beginnings, a heart will signify love, etc.