Birthstone Jewelry & Their Significance - Part II

Birthstone jewelry is among the most special gifts, as they are perceived as being thoughtful and are classy with a personal touch. Birthstones are believed to heal the wearer by bringing you the healing properties of the planet they represent. When these gemstones are set in jewelry, they are cut in a way that they touch your body, which is believed to have the power to keep you happier and more relaxed.

There are 12 birthstones, corresponding to the 12 months of the year. We had discussed the importance of the first six birthstones in Part I of our blog. Here, you can learn more about the significance of the other six.

Ruby (July)

Ruby comes in various hues of red, from a vivid red to purplish red. It is symbolic of love, passion, and intense affections. The gem is said to promote wealth, knowledge, and good health. Wearing a ruby is said to make you more compassionate and loyal, while increasing your creativity, concentration, and energy.

Some of our ravishing ruby birthstone jewelry pieces are:

Peridot (August)

Peridot has a yellowish green to olive green glow. Considered the stone of compassion, it is thought to balance the mind and emotions to bring peace to relationships, restful sleep, and good health. This gem is also said to inspire creativity and eloquence and bring good cheer and happiness.

Here are some of our brilliant peridot birthstone jewelry pieces:

Sapphire (September)

Sapphire mostly comes in blue and white colors. It is associated with easing stress and depression and can also ward off unwanted thoughts to calm the mind. Sapphire is called the gem of new love and commitment, as it is believed to increase faithfulness and bring prosperity and serenity.

Among our most fabulous sapphire birthstone jewelry pieces are:

Opal (October)

Opal is usually white with a subtle play of colors within it. That's why, it is believed to kindle the creative spark, enthusiasm, and optimism. The stone is also said to create a sense of balance, encourage good karma, bring new hope, and remove inhibitions when expressing love and passion.

Some of our exquisite opal birthstone jewelry pieces are:

Citrine (November)

Citrine comes in varying hues like yellowish orange, yellow and brownish orange. The gemstone is believed to attract success, prosperity, and wealth, and impart enthusiasm, delight, wonder, and joy. It is thought to stimulate the brain and improve self-confidence, self-esteem, intellect, and creativity.

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Tanzanite (December)

Tanzanite comes in rich blue, violet, and purple colors. It is thought to stimulate perception and intuition and facilitate a higher consciousness. Some say that it detoxifies the body and helps improve vitality. The gemstone is believed to channelize water energy and create a calming, purifying, and soothing presence.

Check out these stunning tanzanite birthstone jewelry pieces:

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Some More Sparkle

Can I wear my birthstone daily?

This depends on the stone's hardness, determined by its rank on the Mohs Scale. The hardness rank is 9 for ruby and sapphire, 6.5-7 for peridot, 5-6.5 for opal, 7 for citrine, and 6-7 for tanzanite. This means that ruby and sapphire are the most durable for everyday wear, followed by citrine, peridot, tanzanite, and opal.

Can I wear the birthstone of a month in which I am not born?

Why not? Birthstones are popular not only for their healing properties, but also for their brilliant glow. Birthstone jewelry is an excellent choice as they perfectly complement a range of outfits and looks.