The stone, ruby, is believed to be the most prized of the 12 gemstones created by God and is mentioned 8 times in the Holy Bible. History stands testament to how it has been coveted by royalty, warriors, explorers, and collectors across the ages. In the ancient Sanskrit language, the gem is known as "Ratnaraj," meaning "the king of gemstones."

The burning red hue of rubies is believed to be an inextinguishable flame that glows through clothes and can even boil water! These gemstones command the highest price per carat of all colored gems. When they are used in jewelry, they enhance its beauty and majesty manifold. Want to know more about why should you wear ruby gemstone jewelry? Here are the top 5 reasons.

Channeling a Rich History

When you simply wear a pair of ruby gemstone earrings, you channel the history of times as early as the Stone Age. The gem was first found in 2500 BC at Mogok, in erstwhile Burma (now known as Myanmar). Stone Age tools were also unearthed at this mining site, which reflects the location's antiquity. Ruby even made its way to the accounts of scholars and historians over the centuries. The Roman scholar, Pliny, wrote about the remarkable density and hardness of the stone in his 1st century AD work, "Natural History." He even described its glow as a "gentle fire" with an intense luster.

Wearing Something Symbolic

What do you see in a ruby gemstone pendant that adorns your neck? It glows with the power of endless symbols. Early cultures prized rubies for their vivid red glow, the color of blood, and believed the gem to hold life force. To them, the stone stood for the most intense emotions across the spectrum: ardor and rage, love and fury.

According to Ancient Hindus, offering quality rubies to Lord Krishna could promise one's rebirth as an emperor. The warriors of Myanmar thought that wearing the stone would make them invincible. In several ancient Asian cultures, the stone was seen as a talisman of good luck. When it had a black spot, it warned one of evil. Once the spot went away, it implied the passing of the evil. On the other hand, in China, it represented the sincerest friendship when gifted to dear friends.

The July Birthstone

Most importantly, ruby is the July birthstone. In this connection, it is believed to improve energy, concentration, loyalty, honor, compassion, and creativity. The gemstone is thought to boost the courage, self-confidence, fame, and success of the wearer. Ruby, as a birthstone, is also said to stimulate the heart chakra and bless the wearer with wisdom. Therefore, ruby gemstone jewelry is ideal to be gifted to a July-born. Besides, people who celebrate significant occasions in July, such as graduation, engagement, or a wedding, can also wear ruby jewelry.

Making a Fashion Statement

The blood-red color of rubies and their vivid glow can also help you make a bold statement. Plus, if you pick a stylish design like our ruby cross gemstone pendant necklace, you will look stunning. Likewise, you can sport a totally trendy look with our ruby hoop earrings with alternating diamonds.

Illuminating Romantic Moments

As you know, red is the color of love. So, you can gift or wear ruby gemstone jewelry to express your love. Such jewelry can be perfect for a date or your anniversary. Rubies can also be gifted to your special someone on a romantic occasion, such as Valentine's Day, Promise Day, and more. Our ruby gemstone ring can even make your wedding or engagement more special. In fact, jewelry containing this gem can be gifted to anyone you hold close to your heart.

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Some More Sparkle

How to choose a ruby ring of the right size?

Read our guide to measure one's ring size and check the international ring size chart on the product page. Then choose the suitable size from the options.

How to buy a ruby gemstone bracelet that fits my wrist?

Check the dimensions of the chosen bracelet. If they are suitable, buy the bracelet. Alternatively, you can buy a ruby bolo bracelet since it is adjustable.

Can I wear rubies every day?

Ruby scores 9 on the Mohs Scale of hardness. Therefore, they're extremely tough, highly resistant to scratches and cracks, and almost impossible to break. So, you can wear the gemstone every day.