4 Types of Heart Jewelry You Can Gift Your Partner as a Valentine's Day Gift

Through the centuries, heart jewelry has been gifted and worn as a token of love, even by royalty and notable personalities. In the early 20th century, King Edward gifted his lady love a heart charm containing precious words from Blaise Pascal: "The Heart Has Its Reasons." Queen Victoria often wore a bracelet adorned with heart-shaped charms depicting her children. In 1964, the famous poet, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, received an engagement ring designed as a crowned heart.

Heart jewelry, therefore, has always been a symbol of love and romance. This makes it the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. So, here are 4 types of heart-shaped jewelry that would look great on your partner.

Heart Necklaces

February 14 celebrates love, the color of which is red. So, why not gift your partner a ruby and diamond open heart pendant necklace in sterling silver? The ruby will glow with the warmth of your love. The pendant comes in the form of three hanging hearts and gracefully accentuates the wearer’s collarbone.

This Valentine's Day, shower your special someone with God’s blessings and your love. Both these emotions are represented beautifully a diamond heart cross pendant necklace in rose gold over sterling silver. It's also a chic choice if the recipient admires two-tone metal heart pendant jewelry.

Double hearts stand for the endless love of two people. Want to choose a Valentine’s Day gift that depicts exactly this? Then shop for a sterling silver double heart pendant necklace in blue and white diamonds. It will add to the glamor of the recipient with a touch of color.

If your Valentine likes minimalistic jewelry, gift them a diamond heart key pendant necklace in sterling silver. It will be a sleek and stunning gift. Moreover, it would imply that you've given her the key to your heart.

Is your beloved fond of tine and sparkling jewelry? Then you can surprise her with a crystal heart pendant necklace in yellow gold as a Valentine's Day jewelry gift. The tiny heart studded with gemstones will glitter for life, just like your relationship!

Are you planning a Valentine’s Day date night for your spouse? Then choose something that portrays the beauty of your marital bond. Convey your excitement about having lots of kids with a sterling silver open heart family pendant necklace showing two parents and children carved stylistically. This necklace can be a minimalistic yet brilliant pick.

Heart Earrings

The heart motif looks charming on earrings too. So, it can be a great idea to surprise your dear one with rose gold diamond heart stud earrings this Valentine's Day.

Halo studs are classic earrings that add to the grace of the wearer. Therefore, you can also consider diamond double halo stud earrings in sterling silver as a timeless Valentine’s Day jewelry gift.

If your loved one likes gemstone jewelry, you can opt for white gold heart shape studs in diamonds and blue sapphire to amaze the recipient. Or, make your Valentine dazzle in red with sterling silver twisted heart dangle earrings in ruby and sapphire.

Heart Rings

You may want to delight your better half with a dazzling ring as a Valentine's Day jewelry gift. If the person has a unique sense of fashion, you can choose a diamond double heart ring in yellow and white gold. Two-tone gold heart jewelry is quite trendy and will impress the recipient right away.

If your dear one likes monochrome jewelry, choose a sterling silver heart ring in black and white diamonds. The ring would look splendid due to the striking contrast of diamonds.

Heart Bracelets

Imagine a line of dainty hearts shining on your Valentine's wrist. Amazing, right? So, go ahead and tie a miracle plated heart diamond link bracelet in rose gold over brass on that beautiful wrist.

You can also shop for a complete heart-shaped jewelry set that includes a shimmering bracelet. A wonderful choice could be a jewelry set with heart shape pendant, ring, stud earrings, and bracelet in zirconia and mystic topaz. You won't be able to take your eyes off her when she wears it.

While shopping for heart-shaped jewelry online, don’t forget to check for special discount offers for Valentine’s Day. Also, check for easy returns and free shipping for complete peace of mind and value for money.