Elevate Your Summer Look with May Birthstone Jewelry

Summer is just the perfect time to go colorful and bright. But for this, you also need to pick the right accessories. For a summer look, what could be better than emerald jewelry? Emeralds have a vivid green color that can help create a vibrant summer look. Plus, the gemstone is May's birthstone, making emerald jewelry the ideal pick for this season. Well, you need not be a May-born to wear the gemstone. Just embrace the spirit of the season and add a kick of color to your summer outfits with emerald jewelry. Here are some of our top May birthstone jewelry pieces to elevate your summer ensemble.

Emerald Birthstone Necklace with an Off-Shoulder Top

Summer is the perfect time to sport off-shoulder outfits. If you plan to wear a floral off-shoulder top with a pencil skirt, accessorize with our sterling silver emerald birthstone teardrop pendant necklace lined with white topaz. The teardrop design has a feminine look, just like the floral pattern. It will also accentuate your exposed collarbone. To highlight the necklace, tie your hair into a loose updo.

Emerald Gemstone Ring with a Crepe Shirt

Emerald gemstone rings can be a great way to accessorize something semi-formal. Summer calls for light fabrics like crepe. So, try styling a crepe shirt with our sterling silver halo ring in emerald and cubic zirconia gemstones. The minimalistic ring will perfectly suit your outfit. If the shirt has three-quarter or full sleeves, they will direct attention to the gemstone ring. Tuck the shirt into a pair of high-waist pants, and you're good to go.

Emerald Studs with a Pleated Top

Pick a rayon pleated top from your wardrobe. Pair it with a knee-length skirt. For a formal look, choose solid but neutral colors. Now, style your outfit with our yellow gold round emerald and white sapphire stud earrings. Just like the gemstone ring, these earrings will strike a contrast with the green and white gemstones. The studs, being simple yet classic, will add to the formal look of your ensemble.

Emerald Drops with a Long Dress

Drops are elegant and feminine. This is why they pair well with full-length dresses. So, wear our sterling silver drop earrings in emerald glass and cubic zirconia with a flowy summer maxi dress. You can also wear the teardrop emerald birthstone necklace with the drop earrings if your dress has a pale color. Keep your hair open and tuck one side behind the ear to expose the drop earring. You will look beautiful.

Emerald Bracelet with a Sleeveless Dress

Sleeves and bracelets don’t go well together. Since it is summer, feel free to go sleeveless and sport an emerald bracelet on your exposed arm. If you want to wear it as a statement accessory, leave out any other emerald birthstone jewelry pieces, like necklaces. However, choose an attention-grabbing dress that can make a statement together with the bracelet. For instance, style a loose shimmery halter-neck dress with our sterling silver bracelet in emerald and white sapphire. The contrasting colors of the gemstones will look stunning.

Emerald Jewelry Set with a Cocktail Dress

If you want to complete your look in green, go for a full emerald jewelry set. This could be ideal for special occasions. However, choose a sophisticated yet subtle dress to balance your look with all the bling. For example, accessorize a white or neutral-colored silk cocktail dress with our yellow gold over sterling silver heart jewelry set of a pendant necklace, ring, and earrings in emerald and cubic zirconia. You would shine all night in the scintillating set.

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Some More Sparkle

Can I layer an emerald birthstone necklace with other necklaces?

Sure. Try to layer an emerald birthstone necklace with something in a contrasting color, such as a shorter white diamond necklace.

What colors to wear so that my emerald jewelry stands out?

Black would be the best option, but you can also go for soft colors like brown, beige, gray, and ivory.