Bold Jewelry Designs to Make a Statement of Empowerment This Labor Day

Labor Day 2022 is here to beckon Americans to parades, athletic events, and parties! Time to pay tribute to the achievements and contributions of American workers. The day is traditionally celebrated on the first Monday of September every year.

Labor Day was created by the late 19th century labor movement in America to persuade employers to renegotiate pay and work hours and improve working conditions. In 1894, it emerged as a federal holiday. Today, it also marks the end of summer for Americans.

So, get ready to make the most of this day. Bring on your best summer outfits, go out with your friends and family, and celebrate how workers and employees contribute to the country even today. Jewelili is here to accessorize your look with just the right jewelry designs that blend boldness with symbolism. Here's a look.

Blue and White Anchors

How can we forget blue and white diamond jewelry that will adorn you with a contemporary touch of patriotism? So, check out our sterling silver anchor stud earrings in blue and white diamonds. The pair of shining anchors will symbolize protection, strength, security, stability, and trust - qualities that our troops are responsible for. So this works as an apt tribute to them. The anchors will look highly fashionable, while the blue and white diamonds will strike a dazzling contrast. Pair them with a white outfit to keep the focus on the earrings.

Red and White Hearts

Labor Day also reminds us of the colors, red and white. So, we have a sterling silver heart jewelry set of pendant, studs, and bracelet in red ruby and white sapphire. It will complete your look in style. The heart will express your love for every worker, including those who brought about the workers' revolution years ago. It will show your gratitude for their contributions. The scintillating hearts will look great on a red and white striped long dress.


Stars are a quintessential element of the American flag. So, how can we forget them among our Labor Day jewelry suggestions? Take a look at our sterling silver diamond star ring. The multiple stars in the jewelry piece will resemble the twinkling stars in the national flag. Also, they will add a quirky touch to your look. Go ahead and sport the white diamond ring with a flattering blue jumpsuit. The color combination will be perfect!

Tricolor Patriotic Bracelets

Imagine wearing blue, red, and white jewelry in all the colors of the flag this Labor Day! To strike harmony, you can get all these jewelry pieces in one set and in a common style with our set of identical bolo bracelets in blue sapphire, red ruby, and white sapphire. Wear them with a neutral tiered outfit to complement the layering effect of the three bracelets. You will turn heads wherever you go!


The cross represents strength, faith, and love. These are the exact feelings that will swell in your heart this September 5. Give those feelings some meaning with our sterling silver diamond cross bolo bracelet. Pair this bold jewelry piece with an edgy crop top and ripped denim jeans. You will look stunning.

Angel Wing

An angel wing is the ultimate symbol of empowerment and freedom. This Labor Day, celebrate the way employees and laborers are free from the old unsafe working conditions and are the ideal image of empowerment. Shine in our sterling silver diamond angel wing pendant necklace. The bold and sharp look of the design will add more definition to your look. Pair it with your favorite ruffle top that you saved for the end of summer!

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Some More Sparkle

Can I shop for Labor Day jewelry for men as well?

Definitely! For instance, if you want something from the above motifs, choose our yellow gold over sterling silver diamond cross men's ring! It will also work as a great ring for the upcoming Fall season. Explore our other men's jewelry pieces as well, to shop as per your preferences.

What kind of jewelry should I wear at different events this September 5?

If you are attending a party, wear a sophisticated jewelry set, like our heart set. If you head out to a parade, our cross jewelry can give you a street-style appeal.

What does Labor Day symbolize?

Labor Day symbolizes the end of summer. For the unaware, Labor Day celebrates the social and economic achievements of American workers.

Is it okay to wear red blue and white jewelry for Labor Day?

While it was considered a fashion faux pas in the past to wear white after Labor Day, there is no such need to follow that societal norm now! There is nothing against wearing red and blue.