What makes an opal unique? It is a rare gemstone that encompasses a full spectrum of colors in an iridescent glow that catches the eye. The amorphous stone made of silica has minute, organized spheres inside it. When light passes through these spheres to reach the silica, it emits a beautiful array of colors. Therefore, opals are popular for their “play of colors” since the hues quickly change from light to fiery and intense.

But opals are not a hot favorite among gemstones. Here are 4 major reasons to wear jewelry made with this gemstone.

Rich History

Writers have compared opals to fireworks, galaxies, and volcanoes over the ages. Admirers have given poetic names like Empress, Light of the World, and Pandora to the most brilliant opals. The stone stood for hope and love in Ancient Rome. The Romans called it “opalus,” meaning “precious gem.”

In many cultures, opals have been associated with supernatural powers and origins. According to Arabic legends, they fall from the heavens during lightning flashes. The Ancient Greeks thought that opals bestowed the quality of prophecy on the wearer and protected them against diseases. Europeans have long seen the gemstone as a representation of truth, purity, and hope.

Varied Qualities

Opal is believed to help promote positivity, happiness, good luck, and love, as well as improve strength, passion, and creativity. It is said to stabilize troubled marriages, remove fickle-mindedness and confusion, and endow good fortune. The gemstone is also thought to bestow financial growth, beauty, and charm, help one see things differently, and connect to the Earth's positive energy and benefit from that.

Due to their multiple properties, opals are also used in chakra healing. For instance, green opals are used to heal the heart chakra, while fire opals are linked to the sacral chakra to help with problems associated with fertility and embracing one's sexuality.

October Birthstone

Opal is also well-known as the October birthstone. Some people used to think that those born in other months would attract bad luck by wearing opals. However, the superstition originated from a novel, Anne of Geierstein, written by Sir Walter Scott in the 1800s. So, the idea was not rooted in any ancient experience or belief. Over the decades, the gem has come to be considered the most magical and luckiest of all stones.

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Looks Exquisite in Gemstone Jewelry

Opals are used to beautify different kinds of jewelry pieces, from necklaces to bracelets. They can be set in a variety of designs. For instance, if you are a fan of cross jewelry, you can wear our sterling silver opal stone cross pendant necklace lined with zirconia. You can also find the stone carved to form a heart. A fine example is our sterling silver heart-cut opal birthstone ring with sapphire. If you want to wear a nature-inspired design, check out our sterling silver opal birthstone dove pendant necklace with diamond accents. Tiny opals can also be lined gracefully to form link bracelets, such as our sterling silver October birthstone opal link bracelet with diamonds.

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Some More Sparkle

How to take care of opal jewelry?

Solid opals should be cleaned gently using a soft cloth or toothbrush and mild detergent in warm water. Avoid cleaners, chemicals, and bleach. If the stones are in doublets or triplets, you can wipe them using mild detergent and a damp, soft cloth, but you shouldn't immerse or soak them.

How should I style opal jewelry pieces?

You can style them with other matching opal jewelry pieces in a common design, such as a heart or a cross. The set will look beautiful with soft pastel-colored outfits. This look is ideal for a morning event. To set a contrast, you can pair them with a bold solid, or printed outfit. This would be more suitable for an evening event.

Who can wear opal jewelry?

While opal is the October birthstone and October-born people tend to wear opal jewelry, even if you are not born in October, you can still wear opal jewelry.