Cute Elephant Jewelry to Wear on August 12

As kids, many of our bedtime stories or animated shows on the television involved elephants. Pink, purple or grey, mammoths or calves, we loved elephants in all colors and sizes. With August 12 around the corner, wouldn’t it be wonderful to celebrate this day by honoring one of the world's most adorable, loyal, and peaceful animals? World Elephant Day is observed on this day every year, to recognize the significance of elephants in the ecosystem, spread awareness of the threat to their habitat, and garner support for their protection and preservation.

World Elephant Day was first celebrated in 2012, encouraged by the Elephant Reintroduction Foundation in Thailand, together with famous Canadian filmmaker Patricia Sims. Since then, the day has held great significance not just among those who admire elephants, but among animal lovers around the world. Humans need to preserve all wildlife, which is so important for maintaining the ecological balance.

There are exciting ways to express your love for elephants or wildlife in general. Celebrate World Elephant Day this year by speaking your mind about the importance of wildlife for our planet, while wearing cute elephant jewelry. This is a great way of expressing your love for elephants and your fondness of their playfulness, goofiness, and fearlessness. That’s why Jewelili presents a collection of magnificent gemstone and diamond elephant jewelry. You can get one for yourself and even gift these exquisite elephant jewelry pieces to your loved ones.

For Your Compassionate Mom

Elephants are known for their compassion. They look after their babies with as much love and concern as humans do. Those cute elephant babies are always following their mom around. If this reminds you of the love your mom showers on you, gift her our sterling silver diamond elephant silhouette pendant necklace. The pendant has a sparkling silhouette of an elephant. The design is minimalistic and super adorable. Your mom is sure to be thrilled with this thoughtful gift and your appreciation of her love and efforts.

For Your Loyal Partner

Loyalty is one of the major qualities of elephants. They faithfully follow their master's orders and stand by their partners through thick and thin. Thank your partner for her commitment to you and tell her how much you love her by gifting our sterling silver elephant promise ring in blue and white diamonds. Plan a surprise vacay at the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee and gift her the cutest memories and a fabulous choice of animal lover jewelry.

For Your Wise Daughter

Does your daughter surprise you with her words of deep wisdom? You can tell your daughter how proud you are of her by gifting our sterling silver elephant heart pendant necklace with blue spinel and white sapphire. She’d love to wear it and will always cherish it as the sweetest possession. The contrast of blue and white gems not only looks gorgeous, but also symbolizes stability, inspiration, and good health. Everything that you wish for your daughter is expressed in this beautiful gift.

For Your Patient Friend

Elephants are a symbol of patience and perseverance. Does this remind you of your BFF? She’s always there to listen patiently to you and calmly guides you whenever you’re anxious about something. Thank her for being such a good friend by gifting our sterling silver diamond elephant pet pendant necklace.

For the Strong You

Don't forget yourself when you buy gemstone or diamond elephant jewelry to celebrate August 12. You can wear a symbol of your inner strength and passion by sporting a brilliant pendant. Choose our rose gold over sterling silver diamond elephant pendant necklace, which glows as brightly as your confidence.

When you shop for pet jewelry for women at Jewelili, you can explore a wide range of designs inspired by different animals. There are some amazing discounts to check out. Finding your choicest jewelry at highly competitive prices, with free shipping and easy returns is sure to make your day! We deliver them in high-quality protective boxes and pouches for gifting and storage purposes. So, wait no more. Celebrate World Elephant Day 2022 by shopping for our wonderful elephant pet jewelry for yourself and your loved ones.

Some More Sparkle

Can I wear elephant jewelry every day?

Why not? You can show your gratitude for these animals and their services by wearing elephant jewelry every day. Just make sure to clean the jewelry pieces regularly. You can do that with water and a few drops of mild dish soap. Diamonds score 10/10 on the Mohs scale of hardness. So, diamond elephant jewelry is more suitable for daily wear.

What other kinds of animal jewelry can I shop for?

Jewelili offers a host of jewelry designs for animal lovers. You can shop for jewelry designs of dogs, cats, turtles, frogs, pandas, seahorses, owls, penguins, doves, dragonflies, butterflies, bees, and many more.

What does elephant jewelry signify?

Elephant jewelry signifies good luck and good fortune.

What are some occasions when it is appropriate to gift elephant jewelry?

It can make for a suitable gift for someone who is graduating from high school or college.