Soon after National Coffee Day on September 29, International Coffee Day followed on October 1. The ideal time for Americans to celebrate their love for their fave beverage! Americans are known for their fondness of coffee, maybe even more than the British are known for their tea! In fact, coffee has been reported to be the most preferred beverage of more than 60% of Americans.

Are you one of them? Then why not match your beloved coffee with gemstone and diamond jewelry? Here are some sparkling beauties in the color of your favorite beverage that you must check out.

Square Studs

Imagine thin rows of golden-brown gems illuminating your ears. You can get that with our white gold brown cubic zirconia crystal stud earrings for women. The scintillating square studs have a minimal appeal that adds to your glam quotient. To add to the bling, you can stack our black solitaire studs. You can sport the earrings with a ponytail and a white fitted dress.

Dog Paw Jewelry

What if you find jewelry that matches both your coffee and reminds you of your pup? Too good to be true? Well, we have a pleasant surprise for you. Check out our sterling silver champagne diamond dog paw necklace and stud earrings for women. You can wear them on an outfit with a bold print in brown, white, and black. You can also pick a dress with a dog print! You will look quirky yet stunning by pairing it with our paw jewelry.

Link Bracelet

Imagine small brown drops shimmering around your wrist. Beautiful, right? That is exactly what our sterling silver champagne diamond bracelet gives you. The setting of the brown diamonds looks delicate yet classy. You can pair it with a brown cocktail dress and turn heads all the way.

Heart Jewelry

Rose gold goes really well with champagne diamonds. When they come together to form the iconic heart shape, the result is spectacular. Check out our rose gold over sterling silver champagne diamond double heart pendant necklace. You can wear it with our matching diamond ring and studs for women. Sport them with a champagne-colored sequin dress to match the glittery look of the jewelry. You will be the showstopper!

Owl Bolo Bracelet

An owl with coffee-colored eyes! Just "aww-some"! Yes, you guessed it right. You can also wear an owl-shaped jewelry piece in this color. A fine example is our sterling silver owl bolo bracelet in champagne and white diamonds. The brown eyes on the cute owl will sparkle and make the bracelet pop. You can pair the bracelet with a top in any color. It will blend in perfectly.

Ring Stack

If you want some extra bling, layering and stacking always work. In this case, you can try stacking our crisscross rings in brown diamonds. For instance, on your index finger, you can wear our fashion ring for women in champagne and white diamonds on white and rose gold. The two-tone gold matches the dual-colored diamonds and looks vibrant. On the middle finger, you can wear our rose gold ring in white and champagne diamonds. On your ring finger, you can slide on our rose gold band in black, white, and champagne diamonds. The more varied the colors of the diamonds, the higher the contrast they create. By stacking these rings, you can draw the maximum attention to your fingers. This is ideal when you wear a dark full-sleeved dress. The ring stack will do all the talking!

Some More Sparkle

In what other colors of diamonds can I buy jewelry at Jewelili?

At Jewelili, you can buy jewelry crafted in white, black, blue, and champagne diamonds.

Can I buy men's jewelry featuring stones other than white diamonds?

Sure. You can buy men's jewelry in white and black diamonds, black onyx, and other gemstones.

How to style champagne diamond jewelry with different outfits?

You can style champagne diamond jewelry with outfits in solid colors like white, black, brown, or warm tones or outfits featuring prints in one or more of these colors. Wear bright or soft colors in the day and bold or dark ones in the evening. You can accessorize further by wearing a rose gold watch, rose-tinted glasses, a brown or maroon leather bag, and matching heels.