Spirited and loving, Libras are charming October-borns. It is believed that they are one of the most flirtatious among all the zodiac signs. Having the element of air on their side, Libra is one of the cardinal signs. It marks the beginning of fall.

For Libras, October jewelry crafted with opal (the October birthstone) is the most ideal. The iridescent gemstone captures the varied colors of a Libra's personality and exudes the charm of these October-borns. So, here are some opal jewelry pieces to showcase different sides of your personality as a Libran.

Balance and Symmetry

Librans give a lot of importance to balance, equilibrium, and symmetry. That's quite expected. The symbol of their zodiac is a pair of scales, which symbolizes equilibrium. This reflects in their work-life balance, the balance between expectations and reality, and so on.

Therefore, we are here with the perfect jewelry design that showcases absolute symmetry with our sterling silver opal stone butterfly pendant necklace with white sapphires. The symmetrical wings of the butterfly and the creature reminiscent of the element of air make the pendant ideal for you.

Love, Peace, and Harmony

Librans are also seekers of peace and harmony in life. They love to have a peaceful time, ensure harmonious relationships, and visit serene places. So, as a Libran, you'll love our sterling silver opal birthstone dove pendant necklace with diamond accents. The dove symbolizes love, peace, and harmony. Interestingly, these are also meanings associated with opals.

Patient and Friendly

Librans also embody patience, friendliness, compassion, and kindness. You'll be surprised to know that these qualities are also linked to a seahorse. Therefore, check out our sterling silver opal stone seahorse pendant necklace with diamond accents. If you connect with the vibrations of the pendant, it's made just for you!

Appreciate Interpersonal Connections

Full of love and compassion, Librans are known to look forward to and nourishing interpersonal connections. The heart is the right symbol to depict this. In fact, opalescent hearts are even better! Try our sterling silver heart-cut October birthstone opal ring, bracelet, and pendant necklace, lined with white sapphires. They will create a matching set. The opal stone is also symbolic of love, purity, and deep connections.

Seek Justice

Justice matters a lot to Librans. They cannot accept wrong and are fearless to seek the truth and fight for it. Their quest for justice is represented aptly by the cross. If you agree, go ahead and sport our sterling silver opal birthstone cross pendant necklace with white sapphires. The oval features of the cross add to its grace. The lining of sapphires accentuates the sharp appeal of the cross.

Be Charming

Flowers portray innocence, beauty, and charm. This charm is also seen in the personality of Librans. Enhance it with our sterling silver opal birthstone flower-cut ring and dangle earrings with diamond accents. The flowers will glitter as you move and showcase a spectrum of colors in their petals. Simply captivating.

Stay Optimistic

Librans also try to maintain a positive approach to life, have hope and be optimistic. The qualities of optimism and hope are also associated with the symbol of an angel. So, why not try our sterling silver opal stone angel pendant necklace with zirconia? The pendant can help add a hint of positivity to your everyday look.

Unleash Your Creativity

Creativity is yet another prominent characteristic of Librans. They have great power of imagination and are intelligent as well. Interestingly, in some cultures, the owl signifies a connection to one's inner creativity, imagination, and inspiration. Therefore, take a look at our sterling silver opal birthstone owl pendant necklace with Swiss blue topaz and diamond accents. The glowing owl will strengthen your faith in your creative powers.

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Some More Sparkle

Which gemstone is perfect for Librans?

Opal, the October birthstone, is perfect for Librans since they are born in this month. The gemstone can help boost their charm, and make them more affectionate, caring, and loving.

Can I shop for gemstone jewelry for other zodiac signs as well?

Certainly. At Jewelili, you can shop for gemstone jewelry pieces for all zodiac signs since we craft them in birthstones spanning all 12 months of the year. Check out our birthstone jewelry collection to choose from exquisite designs.

What kind of jewelry can Libra men wear?

They can try symmetrical jewelry like hexagonal studs and cross pendant necklaces for men.