August is one of the rare months that has 3 birthstones. The Jewelers of America and the American Gem Trade Association decided that spinel, peridot, and sardonyx should be listed as August birthstones. Each gem has a fascinating history, is symbolic of various things, and is believed to possess certain powers. Sounds magical? Read on to know more!


Peridot is the only gem besides diamond that is formed deep in the Earth's mantle and found in hardened lava. It is even formed by meteorites that hit the Earth's surface from outer space. Its oldest origins are traced back to Ancient Egypt, on the volcanic island of Zabargad in the Red Sea.

Born of fire and with a vivid apple-green glow, peridot is aptly called the “Gem of the Sun.” Perhaps this makes peridot the ideal birthstone for the fiery, bold, and ambitious personalities of August borns, especially Leos. Also, the gem is the stabilizer of the solar plexus chakra (element: fire) and the heart chakra (element: air). In this connection, the stone balances the ego and cleanses the heart of negativity.

Its green hue is a symbol of detoxification and nature. Therefore, peridot is believed to heal anyone, not just August-borns, of emotional baggage. It is believed to instill compassion and help let go of spite, anger, anxiety, and jealousy to feel light, as if stepping into sunlight.

Mistaken as the "evening emeralds" of Cleopatra and treasured for over 4,000 years, peridot is one of the oldest precious gemstones. Want to channel the beauty of the Ancient Egyptian queen? Look regal in our August birthstone peridot jewelry set of necklace, earrings, and ring, and pair it with our peridot link bracelet.


Originating from rare mafic igneous rocks, spinel was long mistaken for some of the world's most famed rubies. That's because although it is a rare gem occurring in almost all colors of the spectrum, the red and pink ones are prized the most.

Spinel has a royal lineage. Tracing back to 14th century Spain, it was possessed by a succession of Spanish and Moorish Kings before the "Black Prince," Prince of Wales, won the gem in 1367 after a battle. Outlasting several other English monarchs and surviving fires and World War II bombs, the spinel made its way to England's Crown Jewels along with the coveted Koh-i-Noor.

Emerging from boiling magma, spinel also resonates with the unflinching determination of August-borns. This makes it the second August birthstone. However, as a crystal, its healing powers are not limited to August-borns.

Symbolic of vitality, the red stone balances the root chakra (element: earth) and grounds the wearer. It is believed to revitalize the wearer, relieve anxiety and stress, and inspire optimism, encouragement, calmness, compassion, devotion, and spiritual evolution. Feel the power of spinel with our August birthstone animal pendant necklace.


Sardonyx is the oldest of the August birthstones, formed by a combination of sard and onyx, two kinds of chalcedony. It is noted for its signature bands of dark orange to brownish red sard and black to white onyx.

The gemstone was popularly featured in Roman signet rings and seals since hot wax never stuck to it. Its history goes back further to the Old Testament, according to which sardonyx was found in the High Priest's breastplate and contained the essence of spiritual life.

Today, sardonyx is associated with clear communication, happiness, courage, and harmonious relationships. It is also a healing crystal that connects to the root chakra (element: earth) and the sacral chakra (element: water). The stone is, therefore, said to align the whole self and improve the interconnectivity of the astral and etheric body.

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Some More Sparkle

Why should I wear peridot jewelry?

Undoubtedly, peridot jewelry is gorgeous. Besides, peridot is believed to purify the wearer by neutralizing toxins and alleviating anger, spite, resentment, and jealousy. The stone is also believed to bring balance and peace in relationships, compassion, restful sleep, good health, creativity, eloquence, and delight. The gem can even stabilize the Heart and Solar Plexus chakras. So many reasons to embrace it!

How to take care of peridot jewelry?

Store our peridot jewelry in the separate protective box or pouch in which it is delivered. Clean each piece by dipping it in a mild soap solution and then rinsing it under clean running water. Then leave it aside to dry before storage.

Is it okay to gift peridot jewelry to someone who is not born in August?

Yes, you can gift peridot jewelry to individuals who are not born in August.