A Quick Guide to Understanding Solitaire Jewelry

The most popular form of solitaire jewelry might be engagement rings, but the truth is that this iconic design reigns across different types and styles of ornaments, including the more unconventional ones, such as diamond jewelry for body piercings like nose pins, lip, and eyebrows studs. There are also certain types of solitaire jewelry that you can wear without getting a piercing, but we will get to that eventually. Before we find out how to wear solitaire, let’s take a deep dive into the concept of solitaire jewelry.

Significance of the Solitaire

The moniker “soli” in the name solitaire stands for the idea of solo or singular. In the case of diamond jewelry, it means a single diamond embedded in the piece of jewelry. It is essential also to note that the size of the diamond is comparatively large in most cases, which means it is greater in mass than jewelry designs with clusters of diamonds. This also explains why solitaire jewelry tends to be priced higher than pieces that might have multiple diamonds. The unit of measurement for the mass or the weight of the gemstone is karats.

The shape and cut of the diamond also play an integral part in deciding the overall brilliance of the gemstone and its value. However, in the case of solitaire diamonds, things change drastically, as larger diamonds are rarely cut. Instead, the natural shape is polished to brilliance. The most popular naturally shaped diamonds occur in princess, pear, oval, and the more common round shape. These diamonds naturally are the most rarely found, which means they also cost more. On the other hand, lab-grown diamonds are equally beautiful and brilliant in their shine and much more affordable. Lab-grown diamonds are also environment-friendly and conflict-free since no mining is required.

The simplicity of a solitaire diamond is actually the factor that makes this jewelry design so aesthetically pleasing to everyone, especially women. A solitaire is indeed the “rock star” of diamond jewelry.

Types of Solitaire Jewelry

As mentioned earlier, solitaires can be part of any piece of jewelry. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Rings: By now, it should be clear why solitaire rings are so popular among celebrity brides and why wearing them and showing off the size of the gemstone is completely justified. But you don’t need to get engaged to wear a solitaire ring. If you love the timeless design, you can even gift it to yourself.

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Necklaces: Diamond necklace designs perhaps have magnificently been able to adapt the solitaire design with contemporary styles, with great results. Many diamond necklaces have a single solitaire diamond in the design, surrounded by smaller diamonds. The metallic design allows the diamond to hold the central position and the rest of the body to be complementary to the solitaire stone. You can also have a central gemstone, such as a ruby or emerald, surrounded by smaller diamonds and vice versa.

Earrings: The only reason why solitaire earrings might be priced high is that two solitaires have to be used in a pair of earrings. While solitaires are very popular as stud earrings, they have also been integrated into other styles of diamond earrings, such as danglers and drop earrings. Just like necklaces with gemstones and diamonds, earrings can also have a solitaire gemstone surrounded by diamonds and vice versa.

Bracelets: Some bracelets such as bolo bracelets have a central design that can often be a solitaire or a three-stone design with a solitaire diamond at the center. Our personal favorite is the solitaire in the heart shape and charm bracelets with a solitaire charm.

Other Contemporary Jewelry: Solitaire diamonds or gemstones can also be set in jewelry meant for body piercings, such as nose pins, belly button jewelry, or lip studs or rings. Some people even have the solitaire embedded in the piercing. However, this can be painful and can lead to infections if not properly taken care of.

Solitaire jewelry has literally stood the test of time, from monarchs making it a part of their crown jewels to the everyday woman who loves to look her best. Owning a solitaire is often seen as an achievement by many women. But when you buy one for yourself and add it to your daily wear, it becomes priceless for you.

Some More Sparkle

What does solitaire in jewelry mean?

A solitaire means a single diamond. Solitaire jewelry will include just one diamond and no side diamonds.

What does a solitaire ring symbolize?

A solitaire ring symbolises the most precious moments in life such as weddings, birthdays and anniversaries.