Top Sterling Silver Cross Necklace for Easter 2022

Ever so popular and a classic symbol, the cross is a Christian religious symbol said to signify faith, good luck, and fortune. With Easter 2022 around the corner, you must get your hands on our sterling silver cross necklaces because they will definitely add a lot to your ensemble. A cross necklace not only looks stylish and modern, but it is believed to protect its wearer from harm, ward off the evil eye, bring calm, and spread peace. Lucky for you, we have a list of top sterling silver cross necklaces that you can gift to your near and dear ones this Easter.

Faithfully yours

Our top sterling silver cross necklaces come in a variety of attractive designs that you can wear with all of your outfits. Wear your faith proudly with this Jewelili Heart Cross Pendant Necklace accented With 1/10 Cttw Diamonds set in 14K Rose Gold Over Sterling Silver. Another popular option is the Jewelili Cross Pendant Necklace accented With 1/6 Cttw Diamonds set in 14K Rose Gold Over Sterling Silver which has won hearts owing to its unique design. These are absolutely budget-friendly and make for the perfect gift for your loved ones.

Easter is here

The Cross is a symbol that speaks to one and all. Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus and is a widely attended holiday amongst Christians all over the world. You can choose to celebrate the resurrection of Christ which is considered the greatest gift with a sterling silver cross necklace as a perfect gift for your loved one. Just like our Jewelili Cross Pendant Necklace accented with 1/10 Cttw Diamonds set in 10K Rose Gold and Sterling Silver! It showcases a gorgeous rose gold heart in the middle of the design and its two-tone setting makes it apt for anyone who is in love with her style.

Cross of love

On your own journey of faith, marvel at Jesus’s love with Easter jewelry when you meet the family on Easter Sunday. While you round up all your near and dear ones, we rounded up a couple of Easter necklaces that would make a great gift for your daughter, sister, or wife! Our collection of diamond cross necklaces will symbolize their strength being such a powerful symbol and will serve as a great reminder to always believe in their faith. Our Jewelili Cross Pendant Necklace accented with Round Cubic Zirconia set in Sterling Silver on an 18" Rolo Chain is a design that will ensure she is smiling throughout this Easter celebration.

Celebrate it all

Whether vintage-inspired designs or modern interpretations, the cross is widely worn across different people of the world. We can’t help but gush at how different styles of cross design have gained so much popularity. Ensure that your gift stands out at the Easter brunch and make sure to add a pretty bow to your diamond cross necklace or sterling silver cross necklace that you are getting for mom. After all, what better occasion than Easter to remind her of the power of positivity. We are sure that she will love the Jewelili Cross Pendant Necklace accented with 1/6 Cttw Natural White Round Diamonds set in Sterling Silver.

A language of respect and faith spoken by one and all, the Cross symbol symbolizes the love of God that you can keep close to you at all times. Diamond cross necklaces have gained huge popularity amongst fashionistas all around the world. It makes a bold fashion statement without trying too hard and also beautifully depicts your faith in a sparkling way. We absolutely love how you can pair it with anything.

Some More Sparkle

Are cross necklaces better in sterling silver or gold?

Cross necklaces can be worn in both, sterling silver as well as gold though sterling silver is a popular choice owing to its classic look, low maintenance and looks great in all designs. Sterling silver can look absolutely striking and you can browse through all our designs to find the perfect one.

Can I wear pair cross earrings with cross necklace?

Of course! Jewelry is a way to express your style so you can definitely pair cross earrings with a cross necklace.

Can I wear cross necklaces with birthstones?

Yes! You can wear cross pendant necklaces with your birthstone to make it more unique to you and always keep your faith close.

Why is sterling silver good?

Sterling silver is good because it is hypoallergenic, durable and pocket-friendly. It never goes out of style and is easy to maintain!