Celebrate With the June Birthstone - Pearl

Pearls are formed in a fascinating natural process. When a foreign substance enters an oyster, it secretes a substance to quarantine itself. The mantle covers the substance with nacre, which is also what the shell is made of. This finally evolves into a pearl. The nacre adds a unique shine to the gem.

While usually pearls occur in a pale off-white hue, they are sometimes in glowing pink, black and other soft colors. Pearl jewelry looks fresh and charming and can pair well with both ethnic and trendy outfits. From Audrey Hepburn in a classic dress and simple pearl stone studs to Kylie Jenner rocking the Met Gala look, pearls are the most versatile gems.

Pearls are popular not just for their beauty, but also for the symbols associated with them. It is the June birthstone, linked to Venus and the moon. Due to their connection with Venus, pearls signify femininity, love, and loyalty. Their soft colors represent integrity, chastity and purity, while their perfectly smooth shapes represent strong relationships. Given their connection with the moon, pearls stand for calmness, serenity, safety, patience, peace and wisdom. On the other hand, pearls are also believed to attract wealth and good luck.

Whether you're a June born or simply love what pearls represent, ring in summer with pearl birthstone jewelry. Here are some stylish June birthstone jewelry pieces from our collection.

Pearl Pendant Necklace

A combination of yellow and white metals enhances the radiance of pearls. Check out our yellow gold over sterling silver pearl birthstone pendant necklace with diamonds. The diamonds emit a clear glow against the milky white pearl birthstone in the jewelry piece. They entwine the gold necklace in thin veins for a unique charm. Pair this necklace with a long silk dress with a deep slit for a graceful look. It’s the perfect look for a summer cocktail party!

Pearl Stud Earrings

Our yellow gold pearl stud earrings with cubic zirconia have a subtle and petite look. The gold link looks like a flame linked to the tiny zirconia on one end and a round pearl on the other. The yellow metal lends a brilliant contrast to the gems. These pearl birthstone earrings are perfect for pairing with a formal dress for a corporate event or a tea party with family.

Pearl Ring

The halo is a classic design is here to stay. If that’s what you desire, you’re sure to love our sterling silver pearl halo ring, delicately lined with cubic zirconia. Whether you’re planning on wearing a classic black dress or a trendy pant suit, this minimalistic pearl birthstone ring will take your sophisticated look to the next level. Give the finishing touch with pearl halo studs.

Pearl Bracelet

Apart from classic white pearls, black pearls are among the favorites of women who like a unique look. They have a subtle hue and a rare sheen that grabs attention even in their simplicity. If you like black pearls, check out our sterling silver half-drill black pearl bracelet with white sapphire. The black and white gemstones strike a contrast. Go ahead and wear this June birthstone jewelry piece with a black sleeveless dress for an evening out with friends or a dinner date.

Pearl Jewelry Set

Complete the look with a full set of June birthstone jewelry. You can choose our rose gold over sterling silver set of pearl pendant necklace and stud earrings with white sapphire. The set looks flattering on a floral summer dress. Since the studs and pendant necklace are small, they look sophisticated and modern, and strike a harmony with the printed dress.

When you shop for June birthstone jewelry here, you can explore a wide range of exquisite designs. Choose for yourself or gift a loved one from our range of June birthstone jewelry. We not only offer the most competitive prices, but also attractive discounts. Plus, there is free shipping and 30-day easy returns. Want to enjoy all these perks? Start shopping on our website today for yourself and your special June-born.

Some More Sparkle

Can I wear pearl jewelry every day?

Pearl ranks 2.5 on the Mohs Scale of hardness, which makes it a soft gem. It’s best to keep your pearl jewelry well protected and take them out for special occasions. You can wear pearls daily, with some care. In fact, pearl jewelry is versatile enough to complement every day, formal, casual and festive looks.

How to keep pearls shiny?

To maintain the natural shine of pearls, wipe them gently with a piece of chamois leather or a soft cotton cloth after removing the jewelry piece.

How to store pearl gemstone jewelry pieces?

Store them in their respective soft-cloth pouches or protective fabric-lined boxes in which they are delivered.