Diamond Jewelry to Match Your Mom's Parenting Style

Parenting is all about giving love and raising your children with the right values as they grow into adults ready to face the real world. Not to forget, teaching them to be kind, honest, strong, and in check with their emotions. Yes, parenting is a fun and challenging journey with many milestones, memories, and cuddles along the way. How about we celebrate mom's parenting style with some diamond jewelry to applaud what a stellar job she has been doing?

We believe inspiration strikes from the most unusual places, so we looked into our mighty animal kingdom for the same.

Here's what we found out.

Mama's Pet, Is That You?

For all the animal lovers out there, it comes as no surprise that her parenting style matches those from the animal kingdom. If practicality is her motto and she teaches that to your children, she definitely has a cat up her sleeve. So the next time you see her teach your brother to fight back rather than come back crying, she is showcasing traits of the feline dynasty with a purr. For such a mamma, our cat jewelry will help reflect her style. Pick the Jewelili Cat Pendant Necklace accented with Natural White Round Diamonds. You can also opt for the Jewelili Black Enamel Cat Pendant Necklace accented with Natural White Round Diamonds. Both will definitely add to her personality and make an excellent addition to her style. Alternatively, you can also get her cat earrings or cat rings.

On the other hand, is a canine parent who thrives on particulars. She checks each thing very carefully and loves monitoring and supervising. Is the temperature ok? Is the milk too hot? Has baby eaten correctly? If this reminds you of your loving mother, get the Jewelili Dog Pendant Necklace accented with Natural White and Black Round Diamonds.

Another type of parent is the hummingbird parent who walks as an equal with their spouse and takes decisions together for the benefit of their child. Whether it is options and selections regarding their meals, education, or holiday, the hummingbird mom believes in team effort and does believe that sharing is truly caring. If you are getting a gift for this mommy, you can opt for hummingbird jewelry like hummingbird earrings, hummingbird necklaces, hummingbird rings, or even hummingbird pendants.

The Dolphin Way

First coined by Shimi Kang in her book The Dolphin Way, dolphin parenting focuses on the concept of balance. Have you ever noticed the playful dolphins that seem to be appreciated by all around them? That's exactly where this parenting style stems from – dolphins' playful, social, and intelligent mannerisms.

Dolphin moms are not too strict while still having rules and are supportive but not overprotective. It's a win-win for both as the children are allowed to grow and learn to make decisions for themselves while parents enjoy the journey of teaching them right from wrong in an open manner. This concept also allows the children to balance work and play – that's something we all need, right?

Get a dolphin mom some dolphin jewelry like the Jewelili Dolphin Pendant Necklace. You can also get her a dolphin ring or a dolphin necklace to thank her for the amazing job that she is doing with you!

Big Elephant Love

Social, beautiful, loving, and protective, the elephant mom is in absolute love with her kids and will watch over them like her life depends on it. The elephant mom loves to teach her children social skills, especially their charming smile, and loves to light up the room with their conversations. A mom who shows such gigantic love deserves to be given a memento like some elephant jewelry, be it an elephant necklace, elephant rings, or even elephant earrings. We love the Jewelili Animal Pendant Necklace for its minimalistic sparkle yet offering maximum style!

Just Like a Panda

A panda mom is quite happily involved in her child's life but will not interfere unless necessary. She gently guides her little one rather than stating what should or should not be done. A panda parent gives their kids the freedom to do things their own way, thereby learning to differentiate between right and wrong in their own way. Don't you love the fact that she doesn't believe in extremes? We know you do. Get her the Jewelili Baby Panda Pendant Necklace. Besides this, you can also get her panda earrings, a panda ring, or other panda jewelry.

Every parent wants nothing but the best for their child and seeks inspiration from their own experiences. Thus, it is common to see a variety of parenting styles today, making it a 'no size fits all' philosophy that should be celebrated. Commemorate your mother's parenting style with our animal jewelry and enjoy free shipping and free returns within 30 days of the purchase.

So go ahead and show appreciation for your mother's parenting style with a beautiful gift from our animal kingdom-inspired fine jewelry!

FAQs About Animal Kingdom-Inspired Fine Jewelry!

Is it good to wear elephant jewelry?

Elephants are said to bring good luck and are a totem of protection and great wisdom. You can wear elephant jewelry in the form of elephant pendants, elephant earrings, or elephant rings to attract fortune and encourage peace within.

Are elephant pendants worn for good luck?

Elephant jewelry is said to bring good luck to the wearer and thus makes for a lovely gift to wish your loved ones good luck! Elephants also symbolize strength, so wearing elephant jewelry is also a great reminder to stay strong and calm. It is an excellent talisman for strength, so you can wear elephant pendants, elephant earrings, or elephant rings for the same.

What does dolphin jewelry symbolize?

Dolphin jewelry is seen as a good omen and a symbol of protection to keep you on the right path. You can wear a dolphin pendant or dolphin ring to showcase your fun personality. It'll also be a great gift for someone who's comfortable in their own skin.

What does a bird necklace symbolize?

A bird necklace symbolizes freedom and the ability to soar high. Bird jewelry motivates you to spread your wings and fly!