Birthstone Jewelry & Their Significance - Part I

The twelve gems of Aaron's breastplate, from the Bible, were believed to correspond to the twelve tribes of Israel. However, in the 1st and 5th centuries, Josephus and St Jerome started connecting the gemstones with the zodiac signs. Every stone, presumably, showed special powers during their respective astrological period. So, people wanted to collect and wear all twelve stones throughout the year for spiritual benefits.

The modern connection of gemstones to the twelve months of the year and the concept of wearing the gem associated with one's birth month were established in Poland in the 16th and 18th centuries. In 1912, the National Association of Jewelers in the US released a list of modern birthstones. Here are the birthstones for the first 6 months of the year.

Garnet (January)

The stone usually comes in red or orange color. Due to this color, the gem is believed to energize the wearer. It's also thought to activate success and passion and dissolve emotional blockages that might limit the wearer's vitality. Besides, people say that garnets can help boost self-confidence and ignite romance in lovers' hearts.

Here are some examples of our garnet birthstone jewelry:

Amethyst (February)

Amethyst is associated with the crown and third eye chakras. Its reddish-purple or purple color symbolizes calmness, cleansing, and peace. The crystal stands for a connection with the divine and purification.

Our most popular amethyst birthstone jewelry pieces include:

Aquamarine (March)

This light blue color reminds us of the sea. The gemstone is believed to help balance the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of the wearer. It's said to end insecurities and material cravings and relieve mental stress in the wearer. The stone is also thought to help one become humble, selfless, and loving.

Check out our exquisite aquamarine birthstone jewelry pieces like:

Diamond (April)

Diamonds are believed to improve the intelligence and health of the wearer. The stone is also said to enhance wealth, good fortune, tranquility, and beauty, strengthen the wearer's mind and promote generous thoughts.

Check out our stunning diamond birthstone jewelry, such as:

Emerald (May)

This vivid green gemstone is believed that improve the wearer's intellectual capacity and reasoning ability. The gem is also known as the stone of prosperity, since it stands for growth and vitality. Besides, emerald is believed to improve the wearer's creativity, communication, and physical health.

Check out our scintillating emerald birthstone jewelry pieces, including:

Pearl (June)

This beautiful white gem depicts femininity, purity, faith, and fidelity. It's believed to bless the wearer with peace and strength and minimize the adverse influence of the moon to help bring emotional balance and relieve stress.

Our select pearl birthstone jewelry pieces include:

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Some More Sparkle

Can I wear my birthstone every day?

It depends on the birthstone's hardness. This is determined by its rank on the Mohs Scale. The score is 6.5-7.5 for garnet, 7 for amethyst, 7.5-8 for aquamarine, 10 for diamond, 7.5-8 for aquamarine, and 2.5 for pearl. Therefore, garnet is fairly hard, while the pearl is soft. The harder gemstones are better for everyday wear.

Can I gift birthstone jewelry to men?

Definitely. Check out our wide selection of men’s birthstone jewelry for trendy choices.