Dragonfly Symbols What dragonfly jewelry means in different cultures

A beautiful insect, there is something special and definitely feel good about a dragonfly. An aerial beauty, their colorful wings paint quite a pretty picture, don’t you agree? It comes as no surprise that many want to wear dragonfly-inspired jewelry. Symbolic of transformations and change, the dragonfly is interpreted differently in different cultures but you can be rest assured that it all means well and of course, looks sparkling when worn as a piece of jewelry like a dragonfly necklace or even dragonfly stud earrings.

The dragonfly is considered a beautiful totem and celebrated all over the world. What better way to celebrate it than by wearing some dragonfly jewelry? You can also browse our wide collection of dragonfly jewelry and enjoy free shipping and free 30 days returns.

Make a wish

In some cultures, it is believed that you should make a wish when you see a dragonfly and it will come true! So you can wish for some gorgeous dragonfly pendants like our Jewelili Dragonfly Pendant Necklace accented with Swiss Blue Topaz and Created Opal with Diamonds set in Sterling Silver or the Jewelili Dragonfly Pendant Necklace accented with 1/6 Cttw Treated Black and Natural White Diamonds set in Sterling Silver. Get set to drop a hint to your friend or wishlist this product, because the dragonfly will make your wishes come true!

All around Asia

A spiritual totem in China, a dragonfly symbolizes harmony, prosperity, and good luck. Embody this spirit animal with our Jewelili Dragonfly Pendant Necklace accented with 1/10 Cttw White Round Cut Diamonds set in 14K Rose Gold over Sterling Silver. It will not only add a harmonious balance to your look with the right mix of rose gold and silver but also emit radiance – just like a dragonfly. In Japan, a dragonfly symbolizes the summer season and fall season and the Samurai considered it a symbol of power and victory. If you are looking to put together a victorious look – high on style and symbolic too, pair our Jewelili Dragonfly Pendant Necklace accented With Natural White Diamonds set in Sterling Silver with your favorite outfit. For those who will have it, in Vietnam the dragonfly is considered symbolic of the weather and is known to predict rain. So the next time you see a dragonfly fly low, chances are that there will be rain, but if you spot them fly high, chances are that you should bring out your hat because it could be sunny. It is also said that if dragonflies fly at a central level, it will be overcast. Whatever the weather, we know that your style game should be sparkling!

Another side to it

Among some tribes in Native America, the dragonfly symbolizes speed, purity, and happiness while for the Navajo it symbolizes pure water. In Sweden, traditional folklore states that dragonflies fly around the neck to measure the value of souls. Amazing isn’t it?

Happiness is sure to engulf her as she wears the Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry Mulan Fashion Earrings accented with 1/20 Cttw Diamond and Rhodolite Garnet set in 10K White and Rose Gold. It also makes for an amazing gift for a loved one on a two-year or six-year anniversary.

Making us smile with their charm, dragonflies mean something to us – in our own way. Whether for change, transformation, purity, or power, the grace and agility of the dragonfly is unlike any other. You are sure to find the perfect dragonfly pendant necklace or dragonfly stud earrings on our website with free shipping and free 30-day returns.

Some More Sparkle

Dragonfly vs. Butterfly Jewelry

The dragonfly represents light, transformation, and change so you can definitely get dragonfly jewelry for someone who is undergoing a drastic change while butterfly jewelry is given to someone to celebrate their personal development and to signify new hope. Both these motifs are symbolic and beautiful

Can I wear dragonfly jewelry everyday?

Yes! You can wear dragonfly jewelry everyday and celebrate that the only constant in life is change.

Can I wear dragonfly jewelry only in summer?

Dragonfly jewelry can be worn all year round – and in every season as it is an eternal symbol of change. Our dragonfly jewelry is made in sterling silver and gold which is easy to maintain and fuss-free.

What to match with dragonfly jewelry?

You can match gemstone jewelry or white sapphire or natural white diamond-studded jewelry with our dragonfly jewelry. You can pair dragonfly jewelry with casual as well as formal attires.

Who can I gift dragonfly jewelry to?

You can gift dragonfly jewelry to a friend or loved one who is undergoing a major change in their life.