This Spring, Let Your Heart Flutter with Butterfly Jewelry

It is often said that the only constant in life is change. The symbol of transformation and hope for better days, the butterfly is appreciated for its beauty and strength and makes for the perfect jewelry piece. Butterfly jewelry has been making waves whether in social media, magazines, or even amongst family and friends. A thoughtful gift for someone who has achieved a major milestone in life, a diamond butterfly necklace, butterfly ring, or even butterfly earrings is given to celebrate that major change or transformation in someone’s life. A butterfly bracelet also can be considered a memorable gift or even just to amp up your own style and who knows, it might even brush some magical butterfly dust your way.

The neck of it all

Not only is it a powerful symbolism, but butterflies add an element of feminine grace with so much ease that you just cannot evade their mystique. These pretty creatures have also inspired us to create a whole collection of women’s butterfly necklaces for you to choose from. Our Jewelili Butterfly Pendant Necklace accented with Created Opal and Created White Sapphire set in Sterling Silver is a striking representation of style that you can wear. A great gift for your October-born friends or loved ones with the beautiful Opal being the birthstone for these babies.

For those who prefer a varied take on the design, you can opt for a sideways silhouette of the butterfly and focus on the charm of their wings depicted in all their glory. The Jewelili Butterfly Pendant Necklace accented with White Diamonds set in Sterling Silver is a lovely piece that all would appreciate.

Did you hear them?

Life is precious and what better way to applaud the beauty of life than the butterfly. Celebrate life to its fullest and appreciate the butterfly as it spreads its wings with our Jewelili Butterfly Stud Earrings accented with Pink Preciosa Crystal and White Preciosa Crystal set in 10K Yellow Gold. For those who are looking to make a simple and feminine statement, our Jewelili Butterfly Stud Earrings accented with Round Natural White Diamonds set in Sterling Silver make for a great pair.

Has a nice ring to it

Full of positivity and grace, a butterfly looks lovely on a ring too. Their wings catch the light when you move your fingers and it will come as no surprise that you will be mesmerized at with not only the vibes but also the silhouette of the creature. The Jewelili Butterfly Ring accented with 1/6 Cttw Natural White Diamond set in Sterling Silver is a great option if you are looking for something simplistic as well as elegant.

The butterfly motif when given as a gift will definitely hold a powerful meaning to the person, and besides, what’s a gift if not thoughtful? Whatever the meaning in your culture, the butterfly is considered to be a positive as well as popular motif amongst one and all.

Some more sparkle

What does butterfly jewelry symbolize?

Butterfly jewelry symbolizes a promise of a long life when given to a newborn, a token of grief if given to someone who is mourning, and a token of safe travel when given to a traveler. It symbolizes life, hope, change, and rebirth.

What does it mean when someone gives you a butterfly bracelet?

When you are gifted a butterfly bracelet, it means that you are being blessed with an abundance of hope and endurance. So welcome the change and enjoy it!

Are butterflies lucky symbols?

Considered as a symbol of change, butterflies are considered lucky symbols as many consider them to highlight new beginnings and positive transformations. It’s time to embrace it all!

What does a butterfly ring mean?

A butterfly ring signifies a new journey, a big change, and opening up to a new side of yourself. The transformation of a butterfly is a beautiful journey that the insect takes on in a positive manner. Similarly, a wedding is a major change in the life of the couple and the butterfly reminds them to welcome it with open arms and enjoy it.