How to Preserve Jewelili Diamond Jewelry

How to Preserve Your Jewelili Jewelry Items

Having an exquisite jewelry collection can be a reason for pride and joy. Some people also have sentimental meanings attached to specific jewelry pieces. It could be your engagement ring, your grandmother’s necklace, or a diamond bangle bracelet from our collection you received from your partner on Christmas. The thing is that jewelry is something close to your heart and it is much more than just an accessory.

If you want your precious jewelry pieces to stay safe and in good condition for years to come, ensure that they are stored properly. If you are not storing them properly, they will get damaged over time or you might lose them somewhere. Our fine jewelry pieces sparkle the brightest and they must be protected so that you and your loved ones can appreciate their beauty forever.

It is at times confusing to store a jewelry piece properly. Here is a quick guide that will answer your questions regarding keeping your precious pieces safe and secure for years.

How Should You Store Your Jewelry?

Some people keep their jewelry items in a safe and think that the job is done. They should understand that these gorgeous jewelry pieces need some more care and precautions. You should keep them in a clean and dry place, preferably in a jewelry box or case that is fabric lined. If you have an ordinary box at hand, you can wrap each piece individually in soft tissue paper. You can also use the special pouch or case you received the piece in when you bought jewelry online from our collection. Some of these pouches and cases have ultra-soft fabric, while others have anti-tarnish properties that can keep your jewelry looking new for longer.

Should You Keep Your Jewelry Organized?

Keeping your jewelry box organized offers several benefits. Unorganized pieces often get jumbled together and might break or get scratches. If you keep your box organized, you will not only stop them from getting tangled but also find the piece of jewelry that you are looking for right away. You should get boxes that have small compartments to separate jewelry items. They are the best way to make sure your jewelry is not getting damaged during storage.

How to Store Gemstones and Diamonds?

Diamond jewelry needs special care, despite diamonds being rated 10 on the Mohs hardness scale, making them the hardest gemstones in the world. But it also means that they are capable of causing scratches or damage to any material that has a lower Mohs rating. So, if you keep sapphires in the same pouch as diamonds, the sapphires might develop scratches by rubbing against the diamond, since they are rated 9 on the Mohs scale. If you want to preserve your other pieces, store your diamond jewelry separately in small boxes or zip-lock bags. It will keep your eternal diamonds safe while protecting other gemstones.

How to Store Gold Jewelry?

If you have hard gemstones near your gold jewelry, the metal might get damaged since gold is a relatively malleable metal. The best way to store gold jewelry items is in soft cloth bags or the box/case you received when you bought them.

How to Store Silver Jewelry?

With silver jewelry pieces, it is extremely important that you keep them dry. Our finest pieces in sterling silver will get tarnished if they are lying around in your bathroom. If you have one of our necklaces or earrings sets in sterling silver, make sure they are stored in tarnish-proof cloth, away from exposure to the air.

How to Store Frequently Worn Jewelry Pieces?

By this time, you know how to store your jewelry pieces properly so that they don’t get damaged. However, there may be some favorite pieces that you wear more often than others. You should know how to keep them organized as well.

Firstly, do not keep them with the rest of your collection. Place them in a small jewelry box or tray and keep this in the drawer of your dressing table or another conveniently accessible location. You can also get a hanging organizer with clear pouches to store these pieces. Storing your frequently worn pieces like this will save you the trouble of digging through your jewelry box when you’re getting ready. Also, you can conveniently keep them back in their fixed place at the end of the day.

You can always keep on buying jewelry online from our collection. But, if you know how to store them properly, you can enjoy them for much longer. Anything precious requires care and maintenance and our exquisite pieces deserve the same. Storing your jewelry properly will not only protect your pieces from any form of damage but will also ensure that you don’t lose them. Some fine jewelry pieces are always at risk of getting stolen. You should keep such prized possessions hidden in a safe location and get jewelry insurance for added protection.